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Weird Crackling Sound...

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Hi guys,

I’m getting a weird noise from my car when I take off in 1st gear there seems to be a crackling noise sometimes it is louder than other times though. This problem only occurs when the engine ss up to temperature and can only really hear it in heavy traffic.

Any ideas what is causing this? I’ve recently had the cambelt changed, I don’t know if that is related? The engine it self is fine, performance is good and the engine light is not on or anything. My car is an 02 SE with 74k



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i had the same. when cold you could hear the coolant moving around as it wasn't at the right level. Once i filled up the coolant the sound was gone. Check the level behind the radiator under the bonnet when cold to see if your low.

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If you had your water pump changed as well as the cam belt, then the coolant will have been drained and refilled. Check the coolant level as the others have suggested. I didn't even realise you could check the expansion tank until someone here on the forums pointed it out to me. You have to lean over the radiator and look at the tank behind, there's a translucent window with level markers on it.

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