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Issuing Warning And The Removal Of Them


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I was going to send a long PM going into the details on how Bazza acted inproperly as a mod. but I am going to let it lye, my only issue is this:


warning for rudeness and then removed "because I can"

The reason I have decided to show this on the forum, is to see whether other members agree with me or me just being me.

When providing warnings dont you think more specific details should be provided, and also in this case, i clearly apologised in the very same post i was accused of being rude. I posted the edit at 8:04pm, and Bazza issued the warning at 8:05pm, but still continued to refuse to remove it at post 191 11:28pm.

But then to remove it, and provide such a reason as "because I can" with no apology or providing a proper reason for the issue and removal, its clear, he used his position inappropriatly. and "because he could"

Is this how it works on this club, you speak out and stand up to what you believe in, and mods used they positions in a completly unacceptable way, (in my opinion)

I look forward to comments from Mods/Admin

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the warning was issued for rudeness

i believed you were being rude and gave an appropriate warning

by way of apology and the fact your post was edited after the warning was given ! you obviously admit to being rude !

you then continually asked for the warning to be removed, according to the rules on warnings they should remain after being given, and certainly not on request

in a way of fairness after what might be described as a heated thread, i decided to remove it

simple as that !

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see whether other members agree with me or me just being me.

I agree to the extent that it was a little crass to simply say "because I can", as it simply adds more fuel to the fire.........

The warnings been removed so ultimately no harm done though?

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