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Help - What Is Wrong With My Is200

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I was driving home yesterday from work, when I stationed at a junction and for some reason, the car has completely lost its power, when tried to rev it, it completely dead - even though the engine still running. Then I noticed the yellow light came up and the the Trac-control light flashing. Turned off the engine and let it cool down a little then fired it up again, this time it was running and I can rev it, but only for a short drive distance then it happened again.

Luckily I was managed to drove the car home after much stops and starts...I did check the oil level before and when it cooled shown it full and no sign of leakage. Checked the Battery level shown green and full, the spark-plugs seems ok, because the car always start 1st time.

I noticed the clutch jugger alot lately and it hasn't been replaced for a long time and I suspect it may be the wear of the clutch? If the clutch is gone will the ECU will shut down the engine? If I to replace these clutch do I need to replace all parts of the clutch (there usually 3 parts including the release bearing)?

Can someone shed some light on to this car is an SE/2000 model 140k on the clock.

Thanks in advance

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Sounds like one or more coilpacks have/are failing. You need to get your car on a diagnostic machine. The diagnostic machine will show up the error codes.

Once you have the error codes, post them up and I'm sure someone will be able to tell what the problem is exactly.

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Does the engine rev normally ? i.e. do the revs go up ok when you're not in gear ? And then if you're in gear do the revs climb a lot but you just don't really go very far ? If so then that does sound like the clutch, and you need to be careful because you could be damaging the flywheel by continuing to drive it like that.

I don't think the clutch would normally turn on lights on the dashboard though, although I've not had my clutch go.

Which yellow light it is that's on, is it the engine check light ? Maybe the clutch is dodgy but there's another problem there with the engine ?

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i had this problem, i was driving along, and pressing the accelerator but getting nothing back at all, but i think that was due to having no petrol in the car (the indicator was like below the red !) topped it up and it was all fine.

maybe something to do with the petrol getting to the front? not a mechanic lol

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Thank you for everyone reply - yes the engine rev normally it does not go up or down, it just lost rev completely at times and I have to restart the engine to drive again but not for long it will happen again. The yellow light on the right hand side above the rev meter and the flashing traction control light at the bottom left handside.

I am thinking of taking it to the local garage to have it check up, but don't know if they can do a good job, also wanted to go to the dealer, they probably do a good job but it will be pricey and don't think it worth it cos of the age of this car - but I want to keep it as it really difficult at the moment. Can anyone shed some more light? :)

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It sounds like the engine check light is coming on (does it look sort of like an engine in outline ?). If so, then you really need to gets the code read to see what it means. You can get a garage to do this, although OBDII readers are available on eBay for less than £30 (and even less if you have a laptop you can use for it).

If you get error codes and post them up then folks here can try and help you with what it means.

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