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Wireless Servers

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I'm looking to move a printer and a scanner that are currently connected to a computer, into a room with no computer or network connection. Now I know wireless print servers exist, but can I also connect a scanner through one of these?

Also they tend only to have 1 USB port on them, can you just use a port replicator to add more than one device or does that not work? I've been considering an upgrade to a wireless-N router as well, so would be interested in solutions both keeping my existing router, and also solutions that may involve an all new system.

Any recommendations would be appreciated :)

*EDIT* Also does anyone know anything about the network solutions that use the electrical cables to transmit data like this..........LINK

How effective are they?

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I would assume your existing printer/scanner is a all in one? if soo all you need is this Link to ebay if you scanner is separate then that item has two usb ports, but dont know whether it would work for a pritner and scanner

in regards to powerline networking, ive never done it myself but i think its as simple as it sound Link to pcworld connect one in the room where your printer is connect it to the printer via ethernet, and the other side to a router, all depends whether your printer has a ethernet port. its something i was going to try for my tv adaptor directly connected to my router in the other room, but since switching to Be broadband, the router is now next to the tv so no problems there anymore

Or even simplier get one like this which i have Link to pcworld

cheap and cheerful

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Cheers mate, the powerline thing isn't actually for the printer, just for a PC that's in a part of the house that gets a really weak wireless signal. That's why I was considering upgrading to a wireless-N router but if this works then a solid wired connection might be a better solution.

I don't think that Belkin one will work with a scanner (which is the problem I've been having so far) - I thought these print servers are just a USB extension, but they're not apparently.........

Just came across this though which does appear to do everything I need, but does seem to be getting mixed reviews - I'll have to look into it a bit further to see whether there are other products like it on the market.......LINK

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that does look interesting to me never seen one like that.

In regards to the pc with a weak signal, i would defo go for the powerline rather then wireless N, both come out probally the same price, but the powerline probally be more realiable and alot more faster and stable.

worth i try, like i said ive never tried it, but something i would do, if i needed.

what router you got at the moment? standard G? and how far is the PC from it, im suprised you got a weak signal even from a G, even a G+ is a worthwhile upgrade

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what router you got at the moment? standard G? and how far is the PC from it, im suprised you got a weak signal even from a G, even a G+ is a worthwhile upgrade

I've got a G at the mo (netgear rangemax) - it is a fair way from the router to be fair, but it is a little unusual.

I would definitely go for the Powerline networking if I was you. Hugely more reliable than wireless. These ones are supposed to be very good.

Cool I'll just do that then, might use these for all the desktops and the PS3 if it works well, and just use the wireless for the laptops and mobile devices. Is it just as simple as you can add as many of them as you like? Just plug in and away you go?

Have you used that one yourself? Is it better than going for one of the big brands like d-link, etc?

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I haven't actually used Powerline networking myself, I have to admit. But that would be my first choice rather than wireless if I needed it. I have helped out several friends with wireless and seen lots of problems there (very poor range, interference, unreliable routers etc).

Yes, you can pretty much just plug more in if you want to add more devices to the network. I don't know what the maximum is, but I don't think it's likely you'll hit it.

I don't know too much about Solwise, but they seem to be doing pretty well in the Powerline networking market. If you feel happier about going for another brand, I'm sure they'd be fine too.

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Just wanted to say thanks to Steviewevie, ended up getting a pair of those Solwise powerline adaptors, and they're great! Speed isn't a huge amount greater than it was by wireless - off my 10meg BB connection I'm getting about 2meg over powerline (but obviously this is an old house with old wiring so could be better with newer wiring) but the connection is rock solid :)

Whereas the wireless would drop in and out all the time, this is bulletproof so works perfectly on a machine that is used pretty much just for web surfing..........

Thanks again :winky:

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