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Has anyone ever had a rattle from the passenger glove box? Cannot see anything obvious, its bloody annoying because you cannot here the engine at all, just this annoying rattle.

Definitely the glove box, because if you drive and leave the glove box down, car is silent. Even tried putting some 5mm thick tape in the corners, still bloody rattles. Crazy.

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I put some masking tape on the rear hatch to get at the a/c filter and maybe push the a/c filter home to be sure.

Its worth checking whether its the First Aid Kit under the passenger seat.

Anyone know how to get rid of the rattle buzz in the velour moon roof cover?

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This is a known common problem with the early LS400s and Lexus did a recall I believe for it.

Mine does the same and although the problem is listed in the TSBs there is no remedy listed!

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Check the hinges,might be them!

It was the hinges on mine.

If you open the top glovebox (where the CD changer is on a MK IV) and see if you can wobble the hinges in and out, if you can then you need to tighten them up.

The hardest part of the job is getting the little screw covers off without damaging them but it should only take about 10 minutes to do the whole job.

The peace and quiet after you have done it is lovely!

As for the sunroof cover rattle, if you push it firmly all the way to the back of the car it should stop the noise. Mine does work it's way forward every two or three days but is no real problem.

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i got access to all data, this is one of a recalls for early lexus ls400s. nelow is how to fix. good luck



BODY 004 02-09-90 LS400



A rattle or squeak noise from the glove box door area may be apparent when the glove box door is closed and/or the vehicle is driven over rough roads. This condition may be caused by the movement of the glove box door check-arm against the glove box door and/or the checkarm through hole in the dash



To reduce the possibility of the check-arms rattling or squeaking, (1) Glue a small piece of felt to each edge of the through holes and (2) Place a felt washer on the check-arm pivots at the side of the glove box door--(See illustrations below for more details).


From the end of October, 1989

From approximate VIN # JT8UF11E-L0010276


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