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Its very ugly to my eyes. The LS400 and GS300 were the last good looking cars Lexus, made apart from the SC then they went for the Hunchback of Notre Dam look like BMW. I bet its a great drive and powerful and everything else but beautiful.

They will be the classics of the future, I doubt the later styling disasters will be held in high esteme later in time.

I don't mean to hack anyone off mind.

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Its very ugly to my eyes.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

For my part, I think the 460 looks great, the 400 Mk 4 is great apart from the wheels, the 400 Mk 3 is OK, the 430 Mk 2 is poor and the 430 Mk 1 is an achievement in ungainliness. (Actually I think it looks horrible.)

But that's only my opinion !

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the only one I'm not a fan of looks-wise is the LS430. That said I've seen a couple of modified ones (on Japanese websites) and they had given the car the "attitude" the factory styling lacks. I like the LS460. It works for me and the performance modifed editions done by WALD et al look even better.

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Might be a report, dunno, but this is simply delightful. Its WALD International's tuned LS460


Not just a styling and suspension package, the engine is also upgraded.

Maybe in 10 years I have one. :D

This car looks fantastic. I'll have one if my lotto numbers roll up!!

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