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Help Over Reving When Cold

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Hi all,

Got a problem with my misses is200 sport which is starting to become very annoying. On COLD mornings the car starts as usual but when you go to pull away the car will over rev and hold it self at high revs. The only way to bring it down is to dump the clutch slightly so as to force it bak down which is really bothering the other half. When the car is nice and warm all is perfect and drives as it should all day long.

I have taken the throttle boddy off (pain that was) and thoughly cleaned it with brake cleaner inside and out and it hasnt made any difference. I have checked all the componants round the engine bay all appears to be sweat, checked the throttle cable for any snags and nothing either. There is no engine managment being flashed up either so I can only assume there is a mechanical issue .

Help any one? I am finking hot cold start valve if there is one on this engine?

Many thanks


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The car will tick over normally on choke/idle on start up which is about normal but when you pull away and change gear the revs go up to about 3-5 k !!!! and stay there. You have to use brakes to bring it back down! not good but as I said no management light is on and drives fine when hot.



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mines does the same mate wen its cold it sits just under 3k and when it warms up its perfect, does ur head in tho couse wen u wanna pull out of a junction it revs proper high lol, goin to give it a service and if it still does it take it down to garage with winter on its way!!!

just been out to check the carpet in the car and thats fine so I am still up for any ideas
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if I had this problem in my car I would be think hot/cold start valve or idle valve or worst case tps sensor screwed or come to think of it air leak.

I spent long time going thru the "search" last nite and nothing shows up sigh. I checked coolant levels, and everything else , misses is is getting annoyed as she had to leave the car running for 10 mons this morning before she could drive off.

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