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I've just bought a 99 LS 400 from Ninety eight, so I thought I would post my first impressions having done around 300 miles in it.

I part ex'd my old Saab 9000 Griffin (2.3turbo) which I'd bought as a stop gap when I handed back my lease car after retiring from the Fire Service in 2005. I only meant to keep the Saab whilst I was working on my daughter's flat 70 miles away, but I kept it as it was so dependable, and comfortable along with a fair degree of go.

My first drive in the Lexus showed that the steering was pretty light, and when you pressed the loud pedal, the rear squatted and off it went. Most noticeable was how good the gear change was - my wife couldn't detect it, but the first bump I went over I was reminded of a Chrysler 300 I'd hired in the states - car was deflected off it's chosen path momentarily. I also noted that the tyre noise was a bit more than I had expected, but that general silence was of the highest order.

I had it out yesterday on the country roads here as i wanted to see how it would handle. It has minimal body roll, but hitting a bump has my wife telling me that the Saab was smoother. I am very impressed by the build quality and the condition it is in for a 10 year old car. The interior is like new, and the paintwork is very good apart from a couple of light scratches which is understandable.

Only electrical gitches are the Drivers illumination for the temperature is out, plus the washer fluid level light is on constantly.

I'm changeing the oil and filter today, and will investigate the suspension when it is up on the ramps. I guess that the back tyres only have a couple of thousand miles left in them, so will have to empty the wallet for them.

Overall I am very pleased with my purchase - I may have got one cheaper, but what else could you buy of that quality for the money. As I tend to keep my cars, I look upon maintance as a 'life of the car' thing.

I'll be visiting here for general advice (as you do with an unfamiliar vehicle).


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