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Just Bought My First Lexus And Looking For Advice!


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Hi, All

Just bought an IS200 sport and would like advice on tuning and styling please. I'd like to put on some subtle front and rear splitters that just give a lower look more than an aggressive one. Also from reading the net it seems apart from putting on a turbo at a massive cost, tuning is this correct?? could also do with a list of websites for tuning and styling parts as im not doing to well at finding any.



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I would say best to google Lexus Is200 bodykits as there are a lot to chose from and everyone has a different taste. A favorite is the TTE front bumper or the stock Lexus kit a lot of people refer to as the TRD Kit.

Prolex is a good place to look for parts for the IS200 parts alternatively Fleabay is always a good place to get ideas!

Tuning isnt a major cost but it depends what you call massive. Supercharger bolt on kits are about £4,500 off the top of my head.


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i would go for the TTE front bumper. and TTE rear lip and sides skirts it makes the lexus look nice and suttle.

i wouldnt buy from prolex as most people have had bad experience and thats including me mate. just look eBay.

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