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Remote Start Alarms With Full Closeure?

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hi there guys as the title suggests im looking for a new alarm for my car

as since lately my car being hit by that stupid little girl, my alarm never went off otherwise i would have known what had happened so im looking for a new alarm

it has to have a remote engine start function, and a module for closing the windows with the locking. and possibly folding mirrors.

does anyone already have this or is looking into one and can suggest any?

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be careful because the ecu in the car is a tough one to make it all work with auto start and you have to disable the engine immobilize witch is why the one i got is still in the box and going into the girlfriends car...... the only way to get the engine to start it to have a key button unit programed up and taped behind the barrel.....

forget the engine start and just get a normal one like guard or better still fit one that lexus approves.

most of the systems these alarms need to do a engine remote start are multi driven... ie the are all sent down the same wires

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ok so im guessing im going with the 17.50 a month clifford alarm wich does absolutely everything in the book and it includes free mobile fitting lol... may aswel get my moneys worth... i jus really want the engine start feature ( just always been something i liked )

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these is a little problem with it....

first you have to take your key apart and place the button unit under the barrel of the lock to kill the imobilzer


for engine start you need to conect up oil sensor and this system runs on a special multi link system.... meaning there is one wire but 4 sensors using it at the same time..... i looked into this myself and i work for toyota and checked it out with our lexus mechanic and he said he would not touch it because of the multi link system... hence the reason it's going in the girlfriends car and not mine....

good luck

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Remote start is good idea but also a bad one. I have remote start and turbo timer ( engine idles with fans on after shut of to cool it) on my coupe turbo. As mentioned the cars standard imobiliser has to be removed or as suggested taping the fob to the ignition barrel.

Problem is the law, leavimg your car un attended whilst running is illegal. Yes the car will still be locked and if the system you get is like mine the car shuts of first time you press the brakes unless the key is in ignition, so it cant be driven very far if taken. Its great fun firing the car up when someones walking past and theres no one in it amazes lots of people. I fired mine up once and the guy passing was a copper it was him that pointed out it could be illegal to do this. then again having your car ready warmed and defrosted on a cold morning is a big draw for having one.

Should your car be stolen and the insurance find out your imobilizer has been de activated i dont think they will be happy. So be carefull especially if your imobilizer fob is taped to the inside of the ignition lock.

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