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Well if all goes to plan, then I'll be taking the car in on Friday to get the awful wheels refurbed. I'm just going to get them done as per teh original finish. Can't wait. is where I am going.

Now, all I need are 2 parking sensors and a newer version of the sat nav disks and I'll be happy as pie, so if anyone knows where I can get those I'll be happy :)

Will post up before and after pics when I've had them done.

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I'll be interested in the finish, and if deemed not offensive to ask, the price.

I have the DHP wheels on my LS which are now a bit flakey. I have had the tyres removed and the wheels cleaned on the inside (they were corroded and leaking air).

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Well, all booked into their Notts office for Friday.

Spoke to the nice chap there, Mark, who said they actually do all the refurbs for Lexus Notts.

It'll take them all day to be done as I'm going to take the car to them and they can do everything (An extra £46 for them to take the wheels off the car and to remove/refit/balance wheels/tyres) I'm going to be cheeky too and ask them if they can look at my brake pads as my warning came on yesterday and it doesn't say if they're front or rear, so at least I can order and purchase the correct ones.

Wheels - All in £250 (That's with 20% off as a special offer they have at the moment)

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