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well i need a need exhaust on my 1994 ls400. i was bidding on a power flow system on ebay but i had to pull out at the last minute due to funds. sold for 120 quid aswell.

people think i would be better going for a second hand standard version or a stainless steel version?

hi they are stainless as standard, ( never known anyone to need one) try benfur on here he must have one as he has broken quite a few or else theres a complete system on eBay for yours mid section £80 back boxes £50 a side buy it now

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well to be honest i could probarbly get away with just replacing both cats and the centre section.

ill try explain whats wrong.

where the cats are bolted to the centre section you have like two wider parts that go together then they have the exhaust gasket in the middle of them and are bolted together i presume. they are rotten on both cats and also on the centre section where theyare bolted to the cats. when i put my hand over them i can feel the air blowing out of them and also it sounds ******* as it is.

had it looked at at the garage next to my work (they do most of my work) and i went on the ramps for a look and he said what i thought it was

the whole exhaust looks quite rusty really id love a proper polishes stainless one but cant stretch to that at the minute. not in a rush though its not so bad its going to fall off etc.

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the whole exhaust looks quite rusty

Surely all LS exhaust systems are sst?

That's what I thought as well. My old '93 had a quite rusty exhaust as well. especially on the joints with the cat

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Had to replace my centre boxes and both cats due to rot....the system is all Stainless except the flanges...these are mild steel weleded to the stainless tubes and the flanges rot away...

all you can do is replace the system parts as the flanges are as said welded on...the only thing I thought of was to have flanges made up in Stainless and cut the old ones off and weld on the new ones....but looking at the job and thinking of how you would get it all to line up as good as standard ?....I thought the better of it and bit the bullet....

Good Luck. :rolleyes:

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the system is all Stainless except the flanges...these are mild steel welded to the stainless tubes and the flanges rot away...

What a strange way of doing things - but there must be a reason for it.

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Common vault on the ls400 and well written about.

The joins go and you need two cats and a centre section to replace.

You have a few options.

1) Temp fix is two weld over the join to stop blowing etc. DONE THIS.

2) Get some flanges from the internet from

3) Two cats and centre section.

4) Cut the flanges off both sides and get some new flanges/joins.DONE THIS Any local exhuast dealer will have something to match up.

5) Go the full hog and get a Longlife exhuast system fitted. They will also have the joins to fit.

6) If you want them to get cats then get them fitted the same time as the longfife system. DOING THIS SOON £400.

You can also get some from a breakers or someone breaking a car. Go and view first to see if the joins are OK or can be fixed before fitting.

The cats are around £140 each or you can get some univesal ones from US and then get a flange for it(Option 2).

I bought a nearly new as you can get in mint condition(logo still on mesh inside the cat) from Japan for £120 with postage.

Hope that helps.

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I read somewhere that stainless steel exhausts were only fitted to the post October 1994 models when the series 3 was introduced before then they were not, mine is 1st registered in Japan in Febuary 1994 and is stainless in parts of the system but not throughout.

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