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Howdy, New Here...


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So, g'day all, I'm new here...

The name is Philip (since that name was allready taken, I used my other trusted forumnick which is Torque, seeing that one also was taken, I just used a name which my mates use overhere to cal me) and I'm from the lovely country across the channel called Belgium ;)

Just bought my first Lexus, a used IS200 from March 2000. Allmost ten years old, but still looking great.

I'm impressed with the way the car rides, the engine sounds (just love the 6-in-line) and I truly love the fact that everything still works as it should. (had a Landrover Discovery before, and in that one it wasn't even the beer essentials that worked, the heater was out, windshield washers sprayed once a while, etc...)

The only thing at which I'm less impressed is the way at rides in ice and snow :blink: It handles like sh#t, it's allmost impossible to start/drive off if the rear wheels are standing on snow, and even if you get it moving, the wheels keep on spinning every time you even look at the throttle, let alone touch it. My girlfriend has a Beemer 5-series, and that's a huge difference, so rear wheel drive is not an excuse. Have to say, the car is on B'stone Potenza RE030 for the time beeing, on 16" wheels from the IS250. My 17" original wheels will arive somewhere in Januari, with brand new Potenza's.

Looking at the way it drives in slippery conditions, I'm really thinking of buying wintertyres. Not a cheap invest, but sliding in a ditch orso will surely cost more.

On a longer term, I'm allready looking at a TTE-frontbumper, and maybe a tiny rearspoiler on the boot. Just a little thing, I'm not going back to my "tuning" years :P Maybe paint the brake calipers in red, seeing the car is dark green I thing it'll look great.

Oh, and I definetely want a center arm rest, damn, our BMW has one, and I tend to look for it in the Lex, which makes me slide to the center of the car each time, looks dorky :blush:

Anyway, when all the snow is gone (we had up to 40cm overhere) I'll start making smoe photos of the car, the only one I've got now is one where there's 15cm of snow on the car, you can hardly see which car it is :lol:

Grtz, Philip!

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