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Tte Front Bumper Fog Light Query


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Afternoon folks,

Im about to get Lexus to install my TTE front bumper and grills, but i want to check if the OEM front fog lights will fit into TTE front bumper. Can someone confirm this? Ormi?




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i bought the bumper from breet so he took a photo for me which im guessing is back in February or March during the lovely snow season. Ive had the bumper sitting in my garage for a couple of months now so i decided once i got the spare cash i would get it sprayed and fitted with all the sport grills inc badge :) Its going to be 6th July before its all done as i think some of the grills on are back order (thanks to ACLex for getting my the product parts and 10%).

Ive had yet to install the BC coilovers that i bought from Sheeldzy and also the front and rear brembo brake discs i got from SINGH182 so that will be the next installment after i figure out how much my next insurance quote is going to be in August :(

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Well finally getting everything fitted to the car next week so im really excited, however i had a gut feeling my TTE front bumper was made of fiber glass and after taking it to the body shop its been confirmed that it is. Im a little disappointed from the person i bought it off from here as i did ask if it was the real part, however i decided to get it fitted and if it breaks... well i'll just put the old one back on and buy a sports grill from eBay :((

ill take photos when its all done *sigh*

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