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Jdm Fasia Panel

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OK havent got a IS yet but i be upgrading head unit and rather use a European/uk fasia plate/panel there are some on us sites and / or us eBay they look bit better and maybe bit better colour match so maybe worth getting that when time comes, what has people done when encountered the 3 switches, the TRC and 2 seat heaters as the JDM fasia panel only has 2 holes, 1 with blanking plate and the other 1 would accomodate the other 2 switches!! i know the basic is200 S model dont have this prob as they dont have seat heaters !


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i have that same part in my car it looks ok but is abit flimsy but works well and you dont have to move or play with the switchs at underneath

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If you get an IS without seat heaters then the genuine JDM facia you want is PN# 55413-53010 It's has a space for the TRC button only.


The best aftermarket one I've come across is made by Scosche. You'll find them on eBay (the look nothing like the pic on there, see pic below)


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That's a really good match! Plus it looks much better quality too. Much better than the one that everyone gets and then has to spend ages sanding, filling and painting to get it looking right :)

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