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right guys i have taken the plunge and traded my 2002 auto nav is200 in for a 2006 is220d se+MM having read the forums and taken a test drive i actually like the way it drove!

anyways back on topic i know the 220's now have a aux input but im not interested in this i was wondered if anyone had tried to use the is200 grom ipod interface with the 220

im unsure weather:

1. it will work

2. if i would need a different connector from grom to connect to the MM headunit or if they are still the same standard

3. i would need a new interface completely

would be interesting to hear if any1 has tried this iv emailed grom but heard nothing back yet so thought i would post here

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I'm pretty sure the IS200 one won't work on an IS220d but probably best to email Grom and ask them. According to the site it does work with the mk2 IS, I'd imagine you probably just need a different cable.

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i hve just received a mail back from grom and they are interchangable depending on which version of the 2 you have and also if you have the correct version which is compatable with the 220 they also do the cable seperate if the one u have is different to ur head unit one

i think what they mean is with the 200 there was the top loader and bottom loader HU which had different size ports on the back and im assuming the latter top loader is the compatable cable with the mk2 is

will no more once iv had more of a chat

but if it is possible to do it may well be a cheap solution for mk1 upgrade owners

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The box should be the same as they've told you, it's all about having the right connectors. The only thing that would bother me on the mk2 is does the grom give you all the track info on screen? With the IS200 you had no choice, but on the mk2 if you use the Lexus iPod kit or vaistech or similar, they give you track names and stuff. Obviously you might not care but just thought I'd put the info out there :)

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yeah im not sure if it will show the info (or really expecting it to) but because i have the adaptor already and the mk2 is cable is only £15 i think that even if it doesnt show the track info it would be a decent enough until funds permit

then again we may all be suprised and it may show the info

once i receive the lead and pick the 220 up on the 20th ill give it a blast and see where i get with it

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right just a quick update as i havent picked my car up yet but i did find some more info out about the grom and the is220

it is fully compatable with the is220 (you may need to back the different hu cable) but if you are upgrading from a 2003+ aged is200 the cable is the same

the only drawback of this grom device is that there is no playlist and artist infor swhown on the screen when connected up you will see the following on the MM screen

Disk #

Track #

Track Time #

but if you upgrading and dont have the £ for the viastech or similar which shows the artist and track info this is a viable cheap solution and if you already have the device from your first gen IS the most it will cost you is £15 and the sound is ten fold better than the aux port in the 2nd gen and you have the safety of knowing you dont need to look at your ipod to change tracks.

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