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Gs450H Realworld Fuel Consumption

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i'm looking at moving from a my 300 to 450h in the next couple of months, purely down to the cost of petrol these days, i get real world figure of mid 20's around town & mid 30's on a long motorway stint, what are you guys getting in your 450h? and do you miss the reduction in boot space?

Also i'm sure i read somewhere the held Battery charge diminishes rapidly after 5 years, whats the oldest 450h i could go for , before i lose the benefit of having this model.



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You'll get similar consumption figures in the 450h. I guess I average around 370 miles to a tankful in mine, and when cruising on the motorway and driving with a light foot can get mid to late 30s, but typical consumption from a tankful is between 28-32 depending on how much motorway there's been.

Concerning the Battery - I think you'll be fine on batter life. They use NiMH batteries, the same as in the Prius, and there have been Priuses on the road for more than 10 years with no outcry over failing batteries. Lexus provide a 5 year Hybrid Drivetrain warranty, which includes the batteries, but that doesnt mean that they'll go up in a puff of smoke or lack performance once 6 years old.

Anything else you'd like to know?

Edited to comment on boot space - I dont care about boot space, as long as I can get a suitcase in and a briefcase, etc. as we have a couple of other cars with more space, bigger boots, etc. if we need to do Ikea or tip runs, etc. - so not an issue at all for me.


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Ok real world mpg -

Me driving normally in sport and sport - average 31mpg, on a run down south and back 38+mpg

My misses, normal and very good driver - average 35mpg, on a run she can get over 40mpg regularly

Need to add - around town under 30mph, it generally runs on Battery and the MPG is much better, that's what it's good at!!!

This is current winter driving, the MPG increases through the summer. Car currently has 36K miles, so a good bench above :)

Ref Battery question - you can replace individual cells if failing, this shouldn't be a very big expense :) £100 a cell from memory.....

hope that helps.

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I've had 3 x RX300, 2 x RX400h, 2 x GS430 and now I'm onto a GS450h. I also had a GS300 for a few weeks on trial.

I found the RX400h to be about 10mpg better on average. I got about 16-17mpg out of the RX300 and 26-27 out of the 400h.

I ragged the nuts off the GS430 and also got sub 20mph, closer to 15mpg a lot of the time. Being used to a powerful GS, the GS300 felt a bit dead by comparison so I got truly awful fuel consumption with the GS300 in an attempt to get it to drive in the way to which I had become accustomed.

The GS450h is even faster than the V8 430 but I've grown up a bit since then. As with the RX hybrid difference, an extra 10mpg is easily possible for me with 30mpg+ easily achievable on long runs that I never really saw on either the GS430 or GS300.

In theory, if you're used to the relatively lacklustre performance of the GS300, you should get pretty reasonably economy from the GS450h - it's also a bit quieter and smoother.

Boot space I do miss but I've never really struggled to carry what I need to. We can fit the baby buggy in the boot, a full load of shopping etc. I'm told it's useless with golf trolleys though. The later models have an increased load space, which I would recommend you go for. In my eyes, it's still better than the boot in an IS, especially due to its wide opening.

Appeal for me over the GS300 was performance, road tax and re-sale value. The hybrid model commands a premium on resale as it has lower CO2, cheaper car tax and is currently exempt from the London congestion charge. By comparison, I couldn't see as many people wanting to take a GS300 off my hands when I'm ready to change.

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thanks All, very favorable comments for the 450h, was there any significant changes in the year , they moved the indicators from the arches to the wing mirrors, and with the new GS out later this year, do you think its wise to hang on for a bit to see what happens to the prices?

thanks Again

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Most people would agree that the way you drive a car has a big affect on your fuel economy, this is the case with the 450h, but in my opinion also the type of driving you do.

If you drive a lot of motorway then you are just using the 3.5 ltr V6 and very little use of the hybrid system, I find I get around 37 m.p.g with the cruse control set at 70ish on the other hand if you drive a lot in say London with a lot of stopping and starting with an average speed of 10mph then the hybrid comes into full affect, using the batteries to cover miles without using fuel, improving your m.p.g

My car is 2 ½ years old with 9700 miles on the clock so as you can tell I don’t do much motorway driving (approx 700 miles a year). Most of my journeys are to and from work, about 6 miles each way, so the car hardly gets a chance to get warm, through the year my average has been 28 m.p.g.

As for the boot size, if you a family with 2 kids and you are going on a 2 week UK holiday, then forget it, if like me your kids have flown the nest then change to the 450h, you wont regret it, the power, acceleration, and smoothness is amazing compared to the gs300.

Now just waiting for the new GS hopefully out in 2012


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thanks All, very favorable comments for the 450h, was there any significant changes in the year , they moved the indicators from the arches to the wing mirrors, and with the new GS out later this year, do you think its wise to hang on for a bit to see what happens to the prices?

thanks Again

I have the 2008 model year with the indicators on the mirror. The significant change on this model, for me, was the presence of an line-in aux connection for the stereo in the centre storage box. Additionally, this model had reduced CO2 which counts for some buyers in urban areas.

Waiting for the new GS depends on your budget, I guess - I don't see prices for the new one being that cheap - especially with another budget Lexus added to the range.

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Mate if you're talking performance, then a 530 will not see what way the 450H has gone lol!!! We compared the E class 3.5D, 530D and XF Jag and surprisingly there MPG was not that different. The E class I drove had managed an average of 39mpg over it's 9000 mile life, poor! the 530 was not much better and the XF was awful!!! I hated that motor.....

I love the stealth attached to the GS, and the real world running costs for a 350bhp V6 are very very good imo!

Just wish it had more room in the boot, but you can fit 2 sets of clubs in ;)

When driving on sport settings on both gearbox and suspension etc, there's not a lot like it!!! Just need to get the Yoko's changed for something a little better......

Ours is a '58 SEL which was a smidge under 30K last January, a real bargain for the performance imo. Going into London is free and the tax bill is funny for such a big motor!!

I took 4 of us to the Haye vs Harrision fight in Manchester last month, 4 fat lads ;) no complaints and no fuss at all...

Good luck shopping :D :D

PS - Just don't tell to many people about how good they are eh, I don't like to see to many on the roads lol ;)


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Thread revival lol!

Best I've ever managed to get (according to the average fuel consumption screen) is 33.4mpg and that was on a run to newquay from cheltenham (approx 200miles) @ 80mph on cruise (radar-cruise off)

I do a daily commute of 75miles each way to work in my 450h and best I get is 30mpg on mainly dual carriageway and motorway, with around 7 miles of town driving (cheltenham to reading). There is a big hill I have to contend with on the way to Reading though which probably saps 4mpg off the list.

I'm yet to do the proper mpg test of filling up, resetting trip computer and then refuelling to work out how much I've used, my memorys aweful lol!

Mines about to click over to 153000miles on my 2006 GS450h SE-L, Battery never recharged 100% and as far as I'm aware never has in the 3 years I've owned it, but it does go to the next rung down (in green). The hybrid system is covered untill 130000miles or 5 years whichever is first. Mines well over both but still pulls smooth and strong!

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