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in the US there are supercharger kist available for the 2jz, they are aimed specifically for the IS300 but can be fitted to the GS300 with slight modification.

it is possible to fit, your problem will be mounting the eaton blower, the obvious place is over the exhaust manifolds.

the process will seem complicated, but i know a few people who have fitted superchargers to some pretty strange things.....

how good are your fabrication skills

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i have a friend who is a self employed fabricator. he's built a few dragsters and kit cars, actually he's currentley working on a mustang fastback with a supercharged big block v8. he says he can help me with the fabrication and the fitment etc.

ideally i need a list of parts for a basic setup minus the 'charger itself. once i've got the kit it's pretty much plain sailing.

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