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Weird Is200 Headlight Problem


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Hi guys I have just taken ownership of an is200 SE 2001. Everything was fine until tonight as i went to turn on the car.

When I insert the key in the ignition (the main lights came on)

When I turn the key to start (the main lights go off)

The full beams only work when in 'flash' mode (when pulling the lever back)

It wont work when puched forward - the roper position.

So now i can only drive at night with the lower bumper lights on, and holding the light lever on FULL BEAM.

I have no main light.

I have looked at the fuse box and it seems that they had a dvd music system or alarm hooked up with an extra wire coming out. Any thoughts on what to do?

How much for an auto spark to rectify?

PS theres no engine light warning or anything like that

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That sounds like a relay whose contacts are welded together (amongst other things), could be 2 relays with welded contacts (lights on and dip/main) or permanently energised.

Might be worth taking the lighting relays out until you find the problem.

Note that there is an ecu controlling the lights, all the light stalk does is send signals to the ecu telling it what lights you want on, the ecu then activates the various relays concerned.

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on your light switch, does this happen on auto aswell ?

theres been a case where its been the switch itself, but as you mentioned about dvd etc then best to go over the wiring from the fuse box -

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