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9.5J Wheels?

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How about these then?

Set of Work Equip alloys

Offset 22 i think. The guy who's selling them said he doesn't know how wide they are, due to no stamps except a works one on the wheel itself. I think, judging by other wheels i've seen, that the front are 17" x 8j, and the rear are 17" x 9j. Fronts are fitted with 235/45/17, and the rears 255/40/17. Weird that the fronts have a higher profile, but they need replacing anyway

Came off a 95 supra

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offset of 22..these WILL NOT go in a is200 with out arch extensions!!! offset of 35 sits flush with the arch so i would hate too see how far out a et 22 would sit..

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Turns out that they're not et22, and he doesn't know what they are. Its really frustrating, as these would look perfect on my is, but i dont wanna buy them if they stick out of the arches. As said above, they came off a '95 supra, but don't they have pretty huge arches?

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Apparently no stamps, but thats the second set of Work alloys that i've been told have no stamps on the rear. I really want these, but whats the likelyhood that these will fit? I know its hard to tell without the proper measurements though

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Too far away unfortunately. Think i'm losing patience with him tbh. Have found another set of wheels which i'm leaning towards and are much more is200 friendly

17" x 7.5J fronts running 215/45/17 tyres ET35

17" x 8.5J rears running 235/45/17 tyres ET38

Just have to see how everything pans out

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