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Front Drivers Window Not Working? Clicking Sound?

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Went to open the drivers window today but nothing happened.All of the other windows work perfect except the drivers window, so it cant be a fuse thats gone.

When the ignition is on (whether the engine is running or not) you can hear a clicking sound about every 8 seconds coming from the drivers door,it sounds like its coming from above the window switch more or less behind the inside door handle.

Luckily the window is in the up position but I still dont like driving around with the window permanently closed!!

Any ideas what the fault could be and how simple is it to repair??



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I think there is a relay within the door which may be the clicking you can hear,the fact you can hear some noise would suggest power is present as you suspect and the the switch is working. This leaves either a wiring fault within the door,a faulty motor or a faulty mechanism.

You need to remove the door trim panel and see whats gone wrong (tuorial on www,

Check for broken linkages and if possible supply the motor with a direct 12v supply to see if it operates.

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From what you've described I would wager your window regulator (motor+mechanism) is knackered. But best to get the door apart and see what's what!

I've got a mechanic looking at it tomorrow and if it is the regulator(motor and mechanism) it doesn't sound like a cheap repair with parts and labour :angry: :angry:

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There are regularly people on this board (myself included) who have cars for breaking, so finding the parts shouldn't be that difficult, once you and your mechanic have worked out what's going on. You don't mention what model of LS400 you have, but MK3 and MK4 window parts are all the same, so any parts from an LS400 from 1994 to 2000 should do.

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This info might be of help. I bought my ‘new’ LS first week in June, it was advertised that passenger window would no longer open, he said he had never checked fuses. I left it as it was to deal with it when I had time. I tried the button a few times & got one click when I pressed the button, but I remember that press-click with some switch or other quite a few years ago, I think on a Volvo and I ‘think’ the same thiong on a citreon app 15-18 years or so ago.

Anyway this morning I accidentally pressed this one & the window opened as per normal, I tried it a few times this AM & it seems to work fine but after a few successful repetitions I left it closed just in case I cannot shut it again. What I have remembered since about the click & nothing thing is that at one of those cars the mechanic just cleaned it probably with WD & it worked again, he said lots of these things the mechanism just gets dirty & needs cleaning (I’ve just this sec remembered

same thing happened on an indicator switch & same cleaning solved it).

Hope that gives some possibility other than xpensive repair, but as I said, on this one it only clicks when I pressed the button.

By the way, mine is '95, I thought it was a MK11 that year (3969cc), but someone earlier said 94 was MK111? is mine a

Mk111 then?

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You can tell by the frame number / details on the VIN plate. A MK2 will be chassis UCF10 where a MK3 or MK4 will be UCF20. MK3 and MK4 are the same chassis, the differences are cosmetic and mechanical (and mostly contained in the front 1/4 of the vehicle).

You could be in a situation where your car is a (very) late registered MK2. However the production dates (for Europe specifically) are as follows:

MK1 (UCF10) 12/1989 - 07/1992

MK2 (UCF10) 08/1992 - 09/1994

MK3 (UCF20) 10/1994 - 06/1997

MK4 (UCF20) 07/1997 - 07/2000

There's also a UCF11 and UCF21 chassis respectively which is the JDM Toyota Celsior version of the car.

Hope that helps.

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My window is now working properly again. The problem was burnt/dirty contacts on the switch. The mechanic tested the motor and that was ok, so then thoroughly cleaned all the parts and it now works perfect. He said it was quite a fiddly job to do as everything is so well built it takes ages to get to ( like about 20 screws to take the door panel off instead of just a few). It was 2 hours labour (£60 in total) so not too bad at all.

I've had this car for 3.5 years now and this is the first fault its had so I can't complain. The mechanic commented on how well it drives, better than the modern Jag XFs etc that he normally does, so I'll be keeping it for a while yet :P :P

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Good to hear you've got it sorted and thanks for coming back and telling us.

I don't know where your mechanic got the 20 screws from on the door panel I think there are around 6 the rest being plastic clips,there is a knack to removing the door card but I can now do mine in around 10 minutes,not that it comes off very often.

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Yes thanks for letting us know that, the clicking just brought back some memories of antquity for me & when it suddenly started working again I thought it might probably be the same thing, now I've read your post I'll go & get mine cleaned I don;t want to end up falling into apathy & ending up with it stuck down, although, If I remember correctly if that happend a handpull & press the switch got it moving again.

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