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06' Is250 Auto Worries


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I've just passed 50k miles in my 06 250 SEL and I'm worried I may have an issue with the auto gearbox. Previously I would occasionally get a lack of power when starting from cold even though there were more engine revs. Lately I've noticed that when I go to accelerate (eg. up a hill) the engine makes more noise but I'm getting less than should in the way of acceleration - its like its in the wrong gear - possibly its not kicking down properly - it will eventually but it spoils the normally quiet ride. Because the car is normally so quiet you really notice it.

Has anybody had this before and should I be worried? Would appreciate anyones comments..



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Thanks Don I will have a look at that. In theory the fluid was changed per the service schedule last year (in theory) so I would hope it hasnt gone down too much but we shall see... guess the car would generate a vsc/engine error if was too low?? I shall report back.


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Just delved into manual and theres no way of checking for non mechanics. Apparently its whole of life fluid and more or less a sealed unit. Service schedule dictates check transmission fluid on 4 yr service. Which the dealer must have done since i was charged for some transmission fluid. That was in 2010 mind you. Better call the dealer I suppose. Hope its not gonna be expensive!

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Lots of manufacturers are using sealed for life units including Mercedes and BMW. I would recommend you take it to a transmission specialist and have them drain the transmission and replace the oil with new Toyota ATF WS transmission fluid.

The IS250 transmission is programmed to stay in low gears until the fluid gets to a certain temperature, so on cold mornings it will take longer to change up the 4th gear anyway.

By the way; there is no dipstick !

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well thats a new one on me and i have had autos all my life, theres got to be a dipstick for checking even if manufactures drain and refile surely

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Mine was the maf sensor. It seemed like it was only when it was cold as it was quite intermittent, but I think because the engine holds back until it is warm, it was a lot more noticeable, throwing me off the trail. Anyway, cleaned mine and it went better so I just had it replaced.

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@Geoffers - today when I started the car it ran very slowly as if the idle speed was too low. And with a bit of vibration... Is this something that the maf sensor affects and did you have this? Cheers. Marcus

Update 16/5/12 ! I'm not going to worry anymore - Selling it on Friday! Driving home after the test drive / deal was done I initally thought what have I done! However shortly after that the drivers side of the dash started to squeak loudly and lasted all the way home. (Only the second time its done it like that- it was left in the sun for a bit - which it doesnt like apparently! ) That convinced me it was time for it to go!

Goodbye lexus and let the savings commence! :whistling: .

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