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Sticking Calliper Again?

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Hi everybody.

Last month I had the common sticking brake calliper on my 2001 IS200 drivers side. Paid Lexus Swindon £350 for a new calliper. I also had them put new discs and pads on. Total bill £600.

I've now done 2000 miles since then but today when I got out of the car I could smell brakes again. Exactly the same smell as when I had the sticking calliper. I touched the wheels and the drivers alloy was hotter than the other wheels. I don't have any brake judder or other symptoms that I had last time. I jacked the car up there and then to see if the wheel moves freely and it does just with a slight grinding noise.

On the drive today I did have to brake from 70mph to a stop very hard as a caravan pulled out in front of me and then stalled and to be honest I have been driving the car pretty hard all day! I also have the very bad habit of sitting at the lights with my brakes on.

I think this is the start of the return of the sticky calliper but surely a brand new one shouldn't stick straight away or after just 2000 miles however hard I have to brake?? Should I take it back to Lexus and demand they fix it for free?

Thanks in advance


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no, demanding won't be ncessary, a nice request for them to fix it for free is not unreasonable, and i'm sure they will do it without question

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I recently had the same problem, I bought a genuine caliper (reconditioned) from eBay for £68.50. My near side front caliper was sticking so I also fitted discs, pads and handbrake shoes all round.

I do have a problem after the fitting all this which is a scrapping noise when going around corners from the rear. I have checked it out with my mechanic which I believe is the rear of the hub, probably the studs rubbing on the handbrake spring. The only thing I can see, so I'm going to replace the handbrake springs and see if it makes a difference.

You will hear some binding when you replace the rear discs which I believe is the handbrake adjustment.

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Kind of on the same topic - i refurbed my calipers a couple of years ago and worked out fine. Have noticed recently that they have been making a low screetching noise which increases / decreases depending on what speed i am doing and i am pretty sure it has to be something to do with the brakes binding a bit?

I had a look this weekend - pretty sure it's the drivers side as the noise is most noticeable on that side with the window down when driving. The slide pins are ok but i took them out / cleaned and re-greased. I checked the caliper pistons by starting the car and watching their movement while pressing the brake. I noticed only one comes out initially but if i press the brake pedal harder a few more times then the other one comes out. I have also started to notice a bit of sterring judder at around 60 when braking.

New brembo discs were fitted in July last year so while not impossible i dont think its warped discs...

QUESTION - should, when the brake pedal is depressed, both of the pistons come out uniformly/equally or does one come out leading the other?

The car is an automatic so is heavy on the front brakes ... any help?

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