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Is There Anywhere To Get Cheap Lexus Parts?

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is there anywhere to get cheap Lexus car parts? The dealers are absolute robbers for standard parts and lets face it there is nothing special about Lexus parts. Its not like your getting incredible quality or anything. I was quoted €2400 for a set of 17" IS 250 Alloy wheels. The wheels we all know are crap quality and will corrode in about 24 months.

If there is nowehre in the UK for cheap parts what about getting parts from the US? Anyone any ideas?



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special thing about Lexus parts is the engineering. i.e. they hardly break and some can last for over 15 years. e.g. my exhaust is 10 years old and still works and sounds fine car passed MOT last month with no advisories, car was still running its original Toyota Battery and was working ok only changed it to another Toyota Battery last week due to age. but that cant be said for say a 10 year old Alfa Romeo or vauxhall as those would need a new exhuast, alternator, Battery, suspension parts etc at least after thier 5th year. So lexus parts in fact Japanese car parts in general are not cheap to buy but will last longer. looks like wheels are not Lexus's strenghts but have you considered having your existing ones refurbed rather than paying for new ones from dealer? having them refurbished will cost way less than 2400 euro and will look new. there are some car parts you just dont bother buying from dealers no matter what car it is and wheels is one of them.

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Hi, some dealerships do a wheel exchange, you take your car in , they swap your wheels with another reconditioned set and of you go, I haven’t any idea on price but it cant be anyway near 2400 euro, or as noby76 suggests get yours refurbished, again some companies you can take your car in at 9am they take of the wheels refurbish them, put them back on your car and you pick it up that evening.

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Get a set from a reputable Alloy Wheel supplier. You can get some cracking good deals on Alloys/Tyres sets at the moment. Just got a belter of a set with tyres for wifeys Mx5.

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Thanks for your reply's guy's and your points are taken aboard that compared to some manufacturers Lexus parts last way longer. I have just got my wheels refurbed for €400 and they look like new again, changes the car completely to have them done.

I only need a couple of more parts now and I will be happy. 1) Rear outside left parking sensor and 2) Headlight Washer actuator right P/S. I dont suppose any members have access to these parts or would I be better going to a scrap yard?

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My Reversing Camera on the IS250 has fogged over completely.

To replace and fit at the LEXUS garage is £700 +

Why cant they fix the problem rather than charge you for a complete replacement.

Anyone else had this problem with their camera?

Any tips for getting a cheaper one fitted?

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Hello and welcome to the LOC.

Would be better perhaps to post this as a new topic as you may get more responses but have you considered getting a hair dryer and seeing if the heat from it would remove the moisture from the camera? Don't get too carried away though and start melting things!

Lexus will always replace items like this as it is plug and play, perhaps a local electronics repairer could take a look, I would imagine a similar replacement camera is available.

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