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Annoying Vsc / Engine Light & Traction

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Can someone please help me regarding the VSC/Engine Light & Traction control lit up during driving and limp mode?

I've tried almost everything that i read from this forum. it occurs all the time. it runs well for few hundreds miles but the it came on again and again.

What should i do/check to make it right?

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Get a diagnostic done to get the code for the fault, then you will know what the problem is. Can be a whole host of events that cause VSC warning. See my last post in the VSC post to highlight this very point.

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i did the diagnose thinggy and it appear to be the DPF (P2002 Diesel Particulate Filter Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)). i did cleaned it.

then the EGR; i removed it as the instruction i get from this forum and i clean it as clean as possible. the car runs normal for few hundreds miles. and guess what, it came on again and the car turns to limp mode.

is there anything that i can do other than that? i've tried the additives, cleaned the EGR & DPF.

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If its all been cleaned you can get the code errors removed from the ecu and then it should be OK

Do you do some good sized journeys that get everything good and hot? This helps keep the DPF cleaner and gets the all important 5th injector working.

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yes i did get the code cleared and removed and yes i did get some good journeys. i even rev it to 2500 rpm on 5th gear for 15-20 mins drive every couple of days. but it seems to come on again. i get confused and dont know what to do next.

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Hi all, new member, but longtime reader. There is a great thread on this very site called the ultimate check VSC giude. I found it very very useful and the symptoms could have been written by myself about my own 220D.The symptoms mainly being constantly tripping off into limp mode, poor fuel economy, a drop of about 50%. No pwer and lack of response when accelerating. Hesitancy when pulling uphill and juddery acceleration, requiring a downshift of 2 or 3 gears to get power to pull away...very very annoying.

Even running expensive cleaners thru the system, including fuel system cleaner and separate DPF cleaner did not restore it back to its previous performance and left it very sluggish, but they did get rid of the constant Check VSC lights and limp mode.

All indicators seem to point to the EGR needing a good clean. After watching a few YouTube videos kindly posted by generous owners willing to share their experiences, I took the plunge today and headed to the toyota garage to get a set of gaskets ahead of removing the EGR valve. (who surprisingly had them all in stock for just over £8 for the three)

I removed it as described and found it pretty well coked up. I cleaned it using the suggested carb cleaner and it came up shining like a new penny. I think its important to remove the EGR solenoid housing, so that you can physically push the valve to ensure its clear and not sticking. Mine was sticking a bit. I reassembled it after the cleanup and gave the pipework a good brush through with a babys bottle brush to remover the soot. I am reasonably competent and a lot of mechanical tasks, but I cant tell you how anxious I was after putting it back together... i have not so much as taken a nut or bolt off my lexus, let alone tackled something like this. It fired up and sounded a bit rattly, settling down after a minute or so.

I took it out for a two hour run, and i t seems that it has 99.9% returned to how it was before. The power was restored, it was much smoother and pulled much much better. The fuel economy aslo returned to a very respectable 46 mpg on a combined town and dual carriageway run..i dont thrash it , but when i return to work tomor, I will take it up the A1 and give a good push to help clear out any residues.

I would urge anyone who has enough confidence to remove the EGR, and who has a similar problem, to get it cleaned. Do a decent job and I am sure like me and many many others, you will see the benefits. It took about an hour and a hlaf, but that was really taking it slowly and spending a good while cleaning...and looking for my bloody socket set !!..

Good luck and... Let me know how you get on if you have a go at it

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Hi Stokie

this sounds like my story and like yourself after watching the video on you tube i was confident i could do this!

it was abosulutly cocked up, all cleaned up and re assembled without incident.

however when i fired the car up it was very lumpy for about 15 seconds but then died on me

now it turns over on the key "err button" but wont start

i only disconnected 2 electrical connectors ( the one on the EGR valve and the one attacged to the Battery cover) and of course i removed the Battery to get access to the 2 bolts on the pipe

did you have to do anything else on re assembly?

im hoping its something obvious and just me being a **** lol

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mercs do this also

cleaned and chemical specialists involved with clean outs etc etc etc and in the end they stop will not start and error 1 is up non start

what we have found on them now is the dpf is u/s and new ones fitted the clean outs get 95% but the finest powder dust becomes held suspended when cleaning out and them form crystals again and so on and build up is back

we fit new with valve and then its all sorted and done with and beleave me we have this so much as the old saying I would like a £1 for the amount thats been done

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managed some high rev trips and i think this allowed the DPF to complete its cycle ( a noted plume of white smoke seem to indicate completion)

after that i took it on some longe hi rev runs along the motorway and so far seems to be working ( i did have to disconnect the Battery for 30 mins to get the warning lights to reset

I have traveled over 500 miles now ( thrips to Methil, Dumfries and Lothian)

i did get some advice form Gary ath Logans Garage that most definetly helped ( check my other thread for details)

thanks to every one who contributed

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hi catweazil

can you please update me after you've done for more than 1.5k miles. this is because when i did all on mine (EGR cleaned & DPF cleaned) the VSC & limp mode comes again. i really hope that i won't comes out again on you. if thats the case, i guess i need to use the BG244 as you were recommended.. thanks

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I'm still reading threads and posts relating to dirty EGR valves and suchlike. I started a couple of threads back in February 2012 and june 2012 explaining what I was about to do regarding my 220d. I also went on to explain the great results that I had from what I did, I have also mentioned this in the odd posts that I have made since that time. I also mentioned that the proprietor of the company that provided the cleaning fluids that I used was prepared to offer hands-on assistance to anyone buying from him and, who lived within a reasonable distance of him but,no takers.

Interestingly I have not seen one post or thread from anyone who has used what I used despite the considerable success that I enjoyed with it. All that I have seen mentioned is BG244, BG244 and BG244!!

Now I am not saying that what i used will definitely be the answer to everyones problems associated with the EGR valve but, it worked well for me and, despite this, it does seem strange that my threads/posts did not encourage anyone to give it a go.

Ah well, I did try to help.

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Sorry maybe i didnt explore this threads deeply enough to get to your thread. Since i'm not from UK or Europe, (i'm from Brunei Darussalm, but using UK spec of IS220d), it would be a problem to me to get the cleaning fluids as you guys were using. well for the BG244, i just got the feed back from the internet when i googled for the item. i don't know if it would solve my problems. i would, with all respect, to try the other cleaning fluid other than BG244 if it could solve it.

the problem is,

1) where to get it

2) do they ship it to me in Brunei Darussalam?

this is because here in Brunei, they don't sell these kind of product. if you can give me some help to where & how to get it, it would be great.

thak you

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No no no Azlie, please don't think that I was having a go at you personally, I wouldn't dream of doing that. I was just commenting in general about the fact that no-one else on the forum seems to have given a thought to using the products that I had so much success with. Of course that is their choice and many of them have enjoyed a good level of success with other products. Plus of course, I could not guarantee that what I used would necessarily be as successful for others.

Where you live of course is in itself an obstacle and, automatically precludes you from getting the hands-on help from the proprietor of the company that supplies the product that I used.

One of the problems you may possibly come up against of course is taxes. For instance when I have purchased something from abroad, I ended up paying not only an import duty but also had to pay VAT, this then made the exercise an uneconomical one and one that I wouldn't do again.

I will try to find out for you if it is possible for the product to be sent out to you and will get back in touch.

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Hello again Azlie, I have been in touch with the supplier I mentioned and he tells me that ha can ship anywhere in the world, the problem is of course the cost.

What I would suggest is that you get in touch with him by email and see what develops from there. His name is Peter Trott and he is a really helpful guy. He is heavily involved in the engine/fuels/oils side of motor sport and travels around the country giving product support, so he knows what he is talking about.

You can contact him on

and here are the details of his website :-


+44 1923-400193

+44 7968-874082

Hope this is of some help to you. regards, Geoff

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Hey Guys, I am new to the Thread. I just wanted to say that I had Issues with my Lexus IS250 which has 150 000 Canadian Km. one Day I lost power and the Car would not accelerate . I had to pull over . Turn off the car then turn it back on . A week after the Engine light came on with message check VSC and Traction control light came on as well. I took it to Lexus and they told me Error Was P0420 Bank 1 was the issue and suggested replacing the catalytic converter for $1500. I took it to my local mechanic for full inspection and suggested to replace my Spark Plugs as they are over due  then the Oxygen sensor then the Catalytic converter at the very end. first thing i did was change my Spark Plugs with brand new OEM ones . Lexus wanted to charge me $85 per Spark Plug. Lexus Is250 needs 6 spark plugs. So you do the Math. I went on eBay and Found 6 OEM brand new plugs for $80.....................  :) . my Mechanic had them replaced under 2 hours and guess what........ No more Traction control or  engine light for the past 3 weeks. I drive the car daily at least 60 km/day. Now If you have the P0420 error Here is where I recommend.

1. Check your gas tank cover, gas tank neck shield. make sure it is not broken 
2. If you always used cheap gas and not premium you might have carbon build up 
3. In my case . Spark plugs were not changed since it was initially purchased. Lexus Recommond you change them every 80-100k.
4. Change the O2 Sensor for B1 if you have P0420 error
5. Check for Leaks. I also had a small leak under the Heat Shield.
6. Perform Full car Inspection which cost only around $80 at Canadian Tire or local mechanic.

If none of these option work for you. I would then suggest changing your Catalytic converter . 

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