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5 Cars You Would Love To Own


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So the Journal above is about Sports Sedan/Saloons but which 5 cars would you love to own?

I would love to own…

  • 1989 Lexus LS400


Known by the motoring world as a car which redefined luxury cars and how luxury cars should be built. I recon these LS’s will be collector cars as they are known as the first ever Lexus.

  • 1990 Mercedes-Benz E500 /CE300



I used to be a Mercedes lover .. mostly the older models…My dad owned the 1989 Mercedes-Benz 190(modern day C class) and this car went every where. I still recall us doing trips to different countries during holidays in this car and it covered the miles with ease. Never suffered any major break downs only needed oil and coolant changes..very strong cars and they built like war Tanks and I think the E classes have a timeless design to them.

  • 1999 Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R (Nismo Z-tune)


There is no other car on the road today which looks like this car. I love the design of this car, I love the speed of this car even though I have not driven one..Yet..its a sexy looking car. Not Italian sexy, not German sexy but Japanese sexy! And these cars are known to give a Bugatti Veyron a run for its money from its 2.8 litre 6 Cylinder engine…I want one now..

  • 1999 Honda S2000(JDM Spec)


You gotta love a fast screaming Honda..I love these cars for the sheer fact they are about as close as one can get to a formula 1 engine with regards to revs.. This 2 litre 4 cylinder Honda engine without a turbo charger chucks out 250bhp and revs to 9000rpm not a lot of cars below £100,000 can do this…infact besides Mazda RX8, LFA’s Ferrari’s and Lambo’s no other car revs to 9000rpm in stock form. Sure most will say 250bhp is nothing special but that’s not the point.. These cars out of the box are 100% track cars and No I haven’t driven one on a track before but just watching countless videos of these cars on a race track tells the story of what they are capable of. Around a race track, these 2 litre sewing machines can embarrass more expensive high performance cars with bigger engines and more power. With an engine developing 125bhp per litre this is a master piece of an engine..

  • 2001 Lexus IS300


And I happen to own this one. Refer to the link above and see what the Author had to say and I agree 100%..No wonder i keep going on about it in threads :)

What are the 5 cars you would love to own?? .Not necessarily a sports car.

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Shelby Cobra for looks, go and gorgeous soundtrack, Cadillac for drop dead looks, Ford Thunderbird, 77 Sunset Strip model, again for looks, Honda TypeR for lovely engines and gearbox - Accord or EP3 Civic JDM, Toyota Land Cruiser for bad weather.

If you asked me again in a years time, some of those might change, but the Cobra and Caddy are set in stone as absolute dream cars.


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If we're able to name any cars, price not a problem etc, then my garage would look like this if I won the Euromillions....

BMW M5 (as everyday runner) Not in this colour, prob a black one :)


Aston Martin Vanquish


This Buggatti Veyron I saw in the Bentley Dealership on Park Lane


Lexus LFA


Ferrari California


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Kia have been turning out some very nice cars recently. But the Optima now replaces the Magentis and, like the Rio and Sportage, is very bold in its design. For however cheap the interior may be, I'd love to have this car parked outside my house. I think it's a real head turner.


The Lexus that started it all. If I could find a Year 1 LS400 at a decent price, I would buy it. I think it is going to be a classic in th near future and I would love to own one.


I love proper old American Cars. Yes, the Ford Thunderbird, Cadillacs, plymouths. *(drools)*

Just chosing my last two. I think the Sierra xr4i is there, not the RSCosworth. And maybe another american car, possibly the new Dodge Charger over the Chevy Camero.

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What's the top white car Stuart? Looks like a Kia? Lol....

Also Stuart and Noby, why didn't you by LS400's if their in your top 5 cars? Their very affordable you know?

:lol: had to laugh at the KIA but apparantly KIA's are meant to be good cars these days.. same as the new Hyundai's... if i could run two cars i would get the LS400 but it has to be strictly the 1989 release model first ones to roll out of the production line but i dont think there are any left in UK maybe US or Japan. was thinking of it as more of an investment rather than an everyday driving car.

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My top 5:

- Mercedes S63 AMG

- Mitsubishi Evo IX (properly tuned)

- Range V8 td

- Porsche 911 S (simple, manual version without gizmos and toys)

- Audi Sportquattro (white one)

So far, we number 1 and 2 are ticket off. Back to work now to get 3, 4 and 5 :D

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Kia's are meant to be good cars.....

Yeah like Findus beef lasagne's are meant to be made from beef :whistling:

Interesting statement since horse steak is tastier than beef steak...

That's a matter of opinion and your missing the point!

If something says beef, then beef it should be. If Kia's are meant to be good then why does everybody I know who owns one just complain about it the whole time?

Anyway completely off topic... Serves my right for trying to have a laugh.....

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I've had a 1993 Kia Pride Panel Van and a 1999 Kia Shuma. They were both very plastic, but mechanically they were great. Nothing fancy and wouldn't challenge anyone to a race, but they did what they were meant to do. The Optima has taken the mantle that the Skoda Octavia has held for years. It's a great mid level saloon and it looks great. I also secretly like the Rio!

I didn't buy an LS400 because when my corsa died I wanted an Astra diesel estate. I wanted to get something that was more fuel efficient. The corsa was doing 45 miles to the gallon . . . . My uncle told me to look at Japanese cars instead and I found the SportCross. I bought the car with my heart. It's goththe isofix points and is an estate, so it had most of the qualities I was looking for. And besides, I'm now a Lexus owner.

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I'm sure Kia's are fantastic cars if u say so and as I've never owned one, driven one or ever wanted to drive one I can't have an opinion. sorry for making a joke about them. I just assumed, as people do (my mates anyway) that their cheap Korean tat and my next door neighbour has a 09 plate Kia and says as much.

Anyway what other cars are on your list Stuart? You've still only chosen 3. :)

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When I was a lad, there were three main high performance cars that my mates dads had. My dad couldn't drive and my mum had an old Escort. So I always wanted to, one dayn own any one of these three cars, but to pick one, then it would be the Ford Sierra xr4i. The RSCosworth is the better car, but I loved the rear spoiler and split rear side windows of the xr4i.

The other two rivals were the MG Montego Turbo and Vauxhall Cavalier SRI


I don't need to give a reason. Look at it!

These are my other two.

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am with Stuart on this...must admit i do have a flirty eye for pure American muscle cars the Dodge Chargers/Challengers , Shelby Ford GT 40's, and th Corvette ZR1's these are no nonsense no questions asked fast american cars..

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