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  1. Interesting my local dealer has just come back to me with a discounted price of £305... normal price being £360.
  2. So after 83K miles it is finally time to get some new discs and pads on the rear of the car. To be honest, it has been an amber on the Lexus Visual Inspection Report for the past 30K miles due to corrosion and on the 5th birthday MOT it was both listed as something to get fixed and now red on the inspection report. So the question... how much are Lexus charging these days? I'm sure all these prices use to be listed on the website.
  3. Good motorway run .... Manchester to London... I will see around 50 MPG. Road trips across Europe, I'm getting about 42MPG. With a new job, my commute has changed to a 11 mile, 11 MPG average hour drive each way. I'm averaging just over 30MPG a day.
  4. About 10 miles going down the St Bernard’s Pass a few months back. Usually about 1.5 miles ... longer if downhill.
  5. My understanding is that the 12v battery on the hybrid does little more than turn on the computers.
  6. On a good run, I’m getting 600+ miles to a tank, although I tend not to play fuel tank bingo these days. If I’m doing a lot of mixed driving, i get about 540 miles.
  7. With a bit of practice you should be able to get that up a little. Last few weeks I'm been travelling from Bolton to Stoke-on-Trent down the M6 and managing 50+MPG door to door. I guess with the M61 and M6 being 50MPH zones does help things a little.
  8. I'm afraid this time I bombed it down the AP7 when I got into Spain as it was 900KM from Nice to my apartment. I have however taken the bendy road over the border from France into Spain on that coast and it is a run road. It was a few years back when I had my little BMW 1 series which was perfect for having some fun. Last time I did Sitges was in a hire car. I spent a few nights in Barcelona and then drove down along the coast, On other trips, I've gone via Andorra which is fun and also travelled from Biarritz to San Sebastian using the costal road. Christmas I'm considering getting the ferry to Bilbao, having a few nights in Bilbao before driving down to Madrid for a few nights. SW
  9. This time I decided to take the 450h on a longer route to Spain. Bolton --> Maidstone (I like classy places) --> Troyes --> Evian --> Turin (via the St Bernard Pass) --> Monaco --> Nice --> Valencia (Spain) --> Orange (France) --> Reims --> Bolton. As usually, the car didn't miss a heartbeat. The only issue was leaving Reims, my tyre presses warning came on. Looks like driving at 140km/h in 30+ degrees heat and then parking overnight with temperatures dropping to 10 degrees caused the pressure to drop 0.4 bar on all tyres. Luckily I had my compressor in the car. My MPG over nearly 3,500 miles was an indicated 40.6. Considering the amount of miles I did driving at over 85MPH, going over the Alps (although going down the other side used very little fuel) and driving around cities... I am again impressed with the GS. No turbo = no noticeable loss of power at 2,500m up a mountain 🙂 Longest sprint was Nice to Valencia which was about 900KM and took 9 hours to complete. Parked up at the other end, a quick stretch and I was ready for a walk and some dinner. It is a shame the GS is no more as I would buy another. I am seriously considering buying my GS off Lexus in a few months at the end of my PCP and running it into the ground. The only other car which is currently interesting me is the RX450h. Whatever my next car is... it needs ventilated seats. Driving in 40 degrees heat and getting out without a sweaty back is lovely. SW.
  10. When you consider the new Volvo S60 coming out next year and the performance of the petrol engines... the ES is too slow