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  1. Exactly... which is why on my average for this week over 320 miles is 48mpg (according to the trip computer) ... which isn't bad for the size of engine. It is interesting watching how the electric motor is used to supplement the engine at 70mph on slight hills.
  2. Prestige had a fantastic reputation when I used them many years ago. I have no idea what they are like now but would be interested as one day I will get my curbed wheel sorted.
  3. The only other GS450h I saw on the whole trip was in the centre of Porto. I did see a few 300h's but the GS is a rare breed.
  4. 3.5k miles completed and my road trip has come to an end. The final indicated MPG is 41mpg with an average speed of 58mph. I’m well impressed especially as this was a total mix of driving including driving 1.4k meters up a mountain to find the road shut.... although the battery was fully charged by the time I came back down. This biggest thing for me was how comfortable the car is and how I was able to get out of the car after 6 hours driving and go sightseeing.
  5. Yep, it is l/100 km 😀 If I drived more sensibly and to the speed limit, my expectation is that it would be 43 / 44 mpg. Toll stations are just an excuse to go from 0 to 80 mph as quickly as possible.... I just can’t help myself. Still love the feeling overtaking cars on 5% descents with the petrol engine turned off. Beats the VAG valve deactivation technology 😀 But it does make the GS a great tourer. I would struggle to go back to a V6 diesel.
  6. Weather in Northern Spain was horrendous, heavy rain and fog. I was glad I had new wiper blades fitted the previous week. Regarding speeds, let’s just say was making progress and staying with 15% of the speed limit most of the time. Some of the legs I managed to reduce the estimated travel time by 20%. Driving into the centre of Porto was pretty bad and makes London feel quiet. Once I got down south, the sun did shine, the temperature did increase and for most parts the roads got quieter. Big lesson for me is in the future checking the expiration on my Via-T tag as reversing out of the lane is pretty embarrassing. Usually I do drive through France or drive straight from Santander but fancied a change this time. Regarding parking and the Spanish use of bumpers as a parking sensor.... I always find nice underground car-parks near the hotels and my apartment has one. I did find the modern Parador hotels in Spain do have big spaces
  7. I’m currently in the middle of a bit of a road trip. I started in Manchester and drove to Portsmouth for the ferry, Drove from Bilbao to Galicia Drove over the border to Portugal and visited Porto, Lisbon and Albufeira Drove back of the border and drove along the coast to Mojácar (including some beautiful views of the Straights of Gibraltar) Drove just north of Valencia avoiding toll roads. Car is currently showing 6.9km/l which equals about 41mpg. Considing I’m on my winter tyres (which is funny when I was so close to Africa), not driving economically and includes driving into cities .... I’m pretty impressed. I think this in on par with my old E350CDI and the Lexus is a much nicer car to drive. I have picked up an annoying habit. When overtaking cars which have slowed me down, I do now rev the car and growl at them which is not very Lexus like. Also I’ve only seen one over GS450H on the whole trip and that was in Porto. The number of people who takes second look at the car and try to work out what is it makes me smile.
  8. It is only the rest for my left foot. I found an alternative solution I took the car to Valencia via Portugal and the warmth has stopped the squeak. Also averaging over 40mpg for the trip which has including periods of making progress on the motorways.
  9. I better start working on some decent hard skin. seriously I could not drive bare foot or in flip flops.
  10. It is a thought. Technically it would only need to be my left foot shoeless. It is worryingly that a little squeak is my only major moan (if you ignore the inability of the CD player to display track details)
  11. Surface Squeak I think. It seems to happen when I move my foot. It happens with both my leather sole shoes and my walking shoes so I don’t think it is my shoes. Maybe be some silicone cleaner will fix it.
  12. I've got my first squeak in my 2014 GS ... the damn foot rest. It only squeaks when it is cold and stops after about 20 minutes when the car gets warm. Anyone got any ideas how to cure it or should I just move to a warmer climate?
  13. I expect is it to match the German brands with the 'gentleman' agreement VAG, BMW and Mercedes have to limit top speeds on the Autobahn.
  14. The GS is often listed in those online American articles of cars which will easily do 200K miles. Buy a Lexus extended warranty and drive it for a few stressless years.
  15. Currently still running the OEM Dunlops which came on the car and have a set of Dunlop winters for the colder months. Car has done 56k miles and still have 3.5mm on the summers. I've found the GS isn't very heavy on tyres. I guess my old MB E350CDI ate tyres due to all the torque bring at the lower end.