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  1. Quite a few ISF in London, good to see that. USB isf in west London.
  2. Bluewater meet - 13th August

    I just found out I have to go to work tomorrow so I have to pass on tomorrow' meeting... Sorry chaps. I hope to see some photos!
  3. Thanks Guys, I spoke to Lexus Edgware and they couldn't believe that cracking is still there, so they want one of their technicians do the test drive with me. Scheduled that for the beginning of the next week, so fingers crossed. If they cannot solve it this time then I will consider a local garage.
  4. Bluewater meet - 13th August

    7. Mike - ISF
  5. Hi Chaps, Very odd experience with ISF, I'm getting cracking noise from steering wheel after going over the speed bumps or small wholes on the road. I went to Lexus Edgware, they had it for a few days and diagnosed it as an issue with steering column. Replaced it under the warranty (messed up radio buttons and gear paddle shifts...), but the cracking noise was still there. Went back and left it for another few days, they took it apart and reconnected buttons and also "cleaned and re-secure loose and dirty wiring and terminals". Then Lexus technician took it for a "20 miles" test run and it was happy with the results as apparently cracking was gone after cleaning it... I picked up the car again and as soon as I drove it, I went over the first speed bump and cracking was not solved... Loosing my mind as the car was with them 4 times and every time they break some other stuff. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  6. Front tyre scrub

    Hey Dave, I will be keen on getting one, so please put my name on the list. Thanks
  7. Lol, no worries! Just plugged all in and will go for the drive later on! Thanks for the DIY Pete, very handy.
  8. Pete, Thanks a lot for DIY! I got one question so far, I have a grey cabe with plastic at the end (see picture below), do I need to plug this anywhere? Am I right thinking this is reverse signal wire and I don't have to worry about it?
  9. Nitrogen Inflation

    So I went to Kwik-Fit yesterday to get my tires done with Nitrogen, it took them only 5 mins to do the whole job. I'm not too sure if they actually done anything. Also I don't know how the process should look like. Don't they need to run tires flat first and refill with Nitrogen? Also, found video on youtube about Kwik-Fit Nitorgen scam...
  10. Hi Guys, Can anyone put some light on filling tires with Nitrogen instead of compressed air? Are there any benefits, noticeable difference?
  11. Front tyre scrub

    Hey Chaps, I have a bit of an issue with mine as well (not too sure if that's related to brushes). Every time I brake harder or go over a bumper I can hear cracking sound coming from the right front side of the car... Called Lexus and explained everything and now just waiting for their action plan. Bought the car around a month ago and don't really fancy spending a few £££ on the repair. Regarding the USRS I found video clip which shows the difference:
  12. Fresh blood

    Hi Guys, I had the car now for about a week or so and it puts a huge smile on my face every time I look at her and even bigger when rpm goes above 4k! Amazing machine! I managed to take only one shot at night.... Will take some more over the coming bank holidays
  13. Fresh blood

    Thanks Peter! I'm looking forward to the ride! I will def upload some pictures. BTW I saw your ISF building thread on US forum, very impressive! Well done!
  14. Fresh blood

    Hi Guys, Just a quick update, I went to see a couple of cars and liked a lot one from Lexus Coventry. After test drive and negotiation I'm a happy new owner of 2010 ISF, I'm going to pick it up on Sunday morning, I cannot wait!