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  1. Thanks Jason, so i don't need a new one. Drain the filter housing i saw on the video, seems like a nice and clean job to do. Cheers, Ivo
  2. Just installed mudguards yesterday on my vehicle. See attachments for Installation manuals and OEM part-numbers. IS_Mudflaps_Front_PZ416_L1966_00_AIM_003_289_1.pdf IS_Mudflaps_Rear_PZ416_C1967_00_AIM_003_290_2.pdf
  3. Thank you very much indeed Shada! I will wait to see the how-to with pictures to do it on my IS.
  4. Nice how-to, if you had added pictures would be perfect! Do i understand that this howto is for cars without the automatic function switch? Do you have some info how to remove the door trim? Cheers, Ivo
  5. Hoi Derek, Hartelijk dank voor je reactie. Wat een toeval, dat zijn de wielen die ik zoek toevallig ook in de juiste kleur. Bijkomend voordeel dat jij ook uit Nederland komt. Wil graag de wielen incl de TPMS sensoren van je overnemen voor een schappelijke prijs. Wat voor banden zitten er nu op en hoe zijn deze? Hoor heel graag van je, mag ook via een privé bericht. Groet, Ivo Google translate: Hi Derek, Thank you for your response. What a coincidence, the wheels that I am looking for are also in the right color. An additional advantage that you also come from the Netherlands. Would like to take over the wheels including the TPMS sensors for a reasonable price. What kind of tires are there now and how are they? Would love to hear from you, can also via a private message. Greetings, Ivo
  6. Seams like leaking fuel injectors if it's not burning oil. Fuel consumption like yours is not normal for a diesel. Just read out de OBD or let someone do it for you.
  7. How much is the engine-oil consumption? Blue smoke is burned engine oil, that explains the burned rubber smell. About the high fuel consumption, did you check the airfilter? I suggest begin with reading out the eobd.
  8. 2 reasons i can imagine. Cheap and easier to recycle. Cartridge and spin-on Early engine oil filters were of cartridge (or replaceable element) construction, in which a permanent housing contains a replaceable filter element or cartridge. The housing is mounted either directly on the engine or remotely with supply and return pipes connecting it to the engine. In the mid-1950s, the spin-on oil filter design was introduced: a self-contained housing and element assembly which was to be unscrewed from its mount, discarded, and replaced with a new one. This made filter changes more convenient and potentially less messy, and quickly came to be the dominant type of oil filter installed by the world's automakers. Conversion kits were offered for vehicles originally equipped with cartridge-type filters. In the 1990s, European and Asian automakers in particular began to shift back in favor of replaceable-element filter construction, because it generates less waste with each filter change. American automakers have likewise begun to shift to replaceable-cartridge filters, and retrofit kits to convert from spin-on to cartridge-type filters are offered for popular applications. Commercially available automotive oil filters vary in their design, materials, and construction details. Ones that are made from completely synthetic material excepting the metal drain cylinders contained within are far superior and longer lasting than the traditional cardboard/cellulose/paper type that still predominate. These variables affect the efficacy, durability, and cost of the filter
  9. Hi Jason thanks, i still have this one from my CT200h so it fits also on the IS300H? I did not try it yet.
  10. Hi, anyone knows which tool to use for removing and fitting the oilfilter from the IS300h? Like the one using in this video at 16:00 min
  11. Hi Mark, you was almost there. Search and you will find it, see pictures with signs i made for you. Take the pipe out with the yellow sign. On the other end you will find the boot. (Red sign) If you look good at your first picture you will see the bootfilter (Green sign) Nice car btw! Cheers, Ivo
  12. Same story with the dust-filter from the Netherlands. 👍 Thanks for the advice. The dealer never look at it, they only take the money for the "maintenance" 😉