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  1. Someone reliable address to buy new HV battery cells? Are the cells same as Prius Gen 3? Any info welcome
  2. No problems here with Techstream version 12.20.024 on IS300h.
  3. The best car i have ever driven! I have talked to a guy how works at the Dutch AA Roadside Assistance company. He said he had never have to do something on a IS300h besides a flat tire or a empty 12VDC battery. He had seen IS300h with 350k After that conversation i bought for mine a new 12VDC battery for 50 euro and 4 run-flats Bridgestone driveguard. So they will never see me 🙂
  4. Hi Shada, i,m still waiting for pictures. If you have time please add here. 🙂
  5. I had one, very nice car but so F****g slow. Slower than slow-motion
  6. Thanks Jason, so i don't need a new one. Drain the filter housing i saw on the video, seems like a nice and clean job to do. Cheers, Ivo
  7. Just installed mudguards yesterday on my vehicle. See attachments for Installation manuals and OEM part-numbers. IS_Mudflaps_Front_PZ416_L1966_00_AIM_003_289_1.pdf IS_Mudflaps_Rear_PZ416_C1967_00_AIM_003_290_2.pdf
  8. Thank you very much indeed Shada! I will wait to see the how-to with pictures to do it on my IS.
  9. Nice how-to, if you had added pictures would be perfect! Do i understand that this howto is for cars without the automatic function switch? Do you have some info how to remove the door trim? Cheers, Ivo
  10. Hoi Derek, Hartelijk dank voor je reactie. Wat een toeval, dat zijn de wielen die ik zoek toevallig ook in de juiste kleur. Bijkomend voordeel dat jij ook uit Nederland komt. Wil graag de wielen incl de TPMS sensoren van je overnemen voor een schappelijke prijs. Wat voor banden zitten er nu op en hoe zijn deze? Hoor heel graag van je, mag ook via een privé bericht. Groet, Ivo Google translate: Hi Derek, Thank you for your response. What a coincidence, the wheels that I am looking for are also in the right color. An additional advantage that you also come from the Netherlands. Would like to take over the wheels including the TPMS sensors for a reasonable price. What kind of tires are there now and how are they? Would love to hear from you, can also via a private message. Greetings, Ivo
  11. Seams like leaking fuel injectors if it's not burning oil. Fuel consumption like yours is not normal for a diesel. Just read out de OBD or let someone do it for you.