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    Bye bye IS hello RC...

    Great Move! I changed from an is300h F Sport to the RC F Sport 2 months ago and love it.has really suprised me on how many people stop and comment on it being a great looking car.
  2. Well had my is300h F Sport for nearly 3 years now been a great car have really liked it.But its now time for a change .So Goodbye Lexus is300h F sport....................... Hello to The RC300h F Sport!!!
  3. PhilWebster

    Goodbye Is300h F sport

    I’ve gone for white exterior with rose leather interior.very similar inside to an is300h f sport just some additional mods lane warning,tyre pressure on info screen the sports + mode is super nice on the open road very responsive but will relay my experience after a couple of weeks driving it about and report the pros and cons that a see.
  4. PhilWebster

    New Firmware - May 2016

    I dont know whether I just havent noticed this before or it is something to do with the update but I have now found that the headlighht washers now only work when the headlights are on.I only noticed this due to the fact that my mate has a convertable BMW and i always use the jets when hes behind me with his roof down.and the headlight washers create a great wall of water.
  5. PhilWebster

    New Firmware - May 2016

    Sorry ignore the above when driving to work this morning and with my lights on,the jets for the headlights started working.might be a coincidence or just an air lock but definitely working ok.
  6. PhilWebster

    New Firmware - May 2016

    Hi Update my firmware but since installing the new update VD12104B I have noticed that the headlight washers dont work now anyone else noticed this? and can you revert back to older firmware VD12104A?
  7. PhilWebster

    Road Noise

    on my old is250 i always went with the continental sport contact 5's but decided to go with the OEM Bridgestone's when i need to change my tyres on my is300h as they seem to wear less that the Continentals and as I mainly do motorway driving. if the road noise gets a bit noisy then i just turn the stereo up a notch.
  8. PhilWebster

    Thieving Gits

    Yep there the ones! even received it in the original Lexus packet with 10 on it with only 1 in it. Tbh I was gonna complain but couldn’t be arsed in the end.
  9. PhilWebster

    Thieving Gits

    Please Take Note, I ordered what I thought was a set of 10 silver plastic OEM dust caps from the Lexus eBay shop last month for £6.35(£3.36 for the dust caps and £2.99 P&P)however when I received my order it only had 1 dust cap in the pack and the invoice was for £3.36 for 1!!!
  10. PhilWebster

    Help with flasher adjustment please

    The 3 flashes have always annoyed me so just changed to the 5 flashes. Thanks for the info
  11. PhilWebster

    New Maps on ebay PZ445-US335-0M

    Just ordered mine
  12. Hi All Has anyone had an issue with their cover plate for the filler cap coming loose? Believe someone has tried to pull it open and i noticed when i was washing the car yesterday that the plate was sticking out slightly and a bit wobbly.when i slide it off found that one of the little molded tabs was broken at the hinged end on the plastic flap.Refitted it as i needed to get to work so had to leave it until this afternoon. I took it off again and bent the small cutouts on the plate that slide onto the plastic tabs, put a bit of plastic glue in the area where the broken tab is and it seems ok. Will have to trial it for a while but does it warrant a visit to Lexus at some point as my car is still under warranty until November? should i chance my arm to see if they would replace it as faulty?
  13. PhilWebster

    Centre screen blemished

    Had The same issue last month took into Lexus and had the screen replaced under warranty
  14. PhilWebster

    Carpet in driver footwell

    I was looking on eBay and found a seller hills_of_woodford_toyota they seem to sell Toyota and lexus items there is also the lexus ebay shop. I fell lucky and found a set of genuine is300h mats but the lexus ebay shop was alot more expensive but they do have more items the link is on the lexus uk website under OWNERS-Genuine parts hope this helps
  15. PhilWebster

    Carpet in driver footwell

    Think its classed as wear and tear but I'd chance my arm and ask at your dealership. I have car mats in mine and these take the brunt of and wear. I've just brought a replacement set off ebay for £40(over £100 from Lexus)
  16. PhilWebster

    New car is300h

    Try These I bought some dye for my black seats and a very good match there has been a thread regarding this before. Although I don't know whether they do a lexus red I do know that they colour match might be worth an email.
  17. I Had the Service plan When I got Mine 14 Month Old Lexus Is last Feb £25.50 over 36 Months for 2 Intermediates & 1 full service and 2 MOT's. The reason i went for it was Budgeting I found it better to pay the Monthly payment (which was almost the amount I was Paying for Car Tax on my old Is) rather than pay it in a lump sum each year.
  18. PhilWebster

    Patches on multimedia screen

    Screen Being replaced on Wednesday under warranty
  19. Just noticed that I have 2 patches that have appeared on the multimedia screen in both bottom corners not as noticeable when screen on but when off very visible. Didn't notice it this week as dark when going and coming back from work.I don't use anything to clean my dash only dry or slightly damp microfiber. Going to take it to Lexus in the week, but has anyone else had this happen?
  20. PhilWebster

    Patches on multimedia screen

    Thanks rayaans,can it be re-coated?
  21. PhilWebster

    Headlight Dipping Problem

    Car Been into Lexus for headlight issue .headlight was set too high so adjusted no sign of any other issue so we'll see how it is in the next few weeks
  22. PhilWebster

    Headlight Dipping Problem

    I have had the same issue but again very intermittent followed a mate to work yesterday got flashed by several oncoming cars and when I got out the car he was moaning that I was blinding him with the offside headlight.I had reported this to Lexus when the car was in for the ventilation system but assumed that they had looked at this as it went away.parked car in front of a wall when i got home flashed the full beam on and off and a couple of times the beam seemed to stay high a couple of times.booked in for Lexus brum to look at it Monday. I'll update after then.
  23. In a nutshell Martin.........Yeah
  24. Popped into Lexus today for one of the techs to look at the parking sensor and why it was constantly muted.after 10 Minutes he came back and said he just unplugged the connection and reconnected it and it started working! The old IT solution 'switch it off the on again, sort of. but happy days