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  1. Diagnosing problems can be a real headache. In the round, yes you have spent some money but what a car to spend it on! My neighbour spent over £2000 on repairs to his Passat. I think you have done brilliantly. Knowledge from research has really paid off. As above ........ what a lovely place to be when driving. Hope you can make one of the Bluewater meets as I would love to see your car in the flesh.
  2. lexus owners - what did we drive before?

    Motoring heaven! Lovely looking cars! Thanks for sharing.
  3. I like the shape ......... except I do not like asymmetric styling.
  4. An honest view of your experience - thanks for sharing again.
  5. What I do not like is when an advert "appears" to be from a trader and then it transpires it is a Private Sale. I am suspicious when the advert does not make this clear.
  6. That is interesting John. I have seen "Trade" sales with no warranty on AutoTrader.
  7. I had a similar situation when I went to see an RX. Advertised as a dealer but would not give a warranty? Very strange, I believe they were just trying to get out of giving a warranty - I walked away.
  8. I think It will depend on the make that has been fitted. The only way to tell is to try them out. As has been mentioned they are a dealer fit rather than a standard system, so the operation could vary. Let us know how you get on.
  9. Dustbin Lid or Twist Centres

    One of my favourites was the stainless steel hubcaps of the ROVER SD1. My father-in-law took the black paint off and made them completely shiny - they looked quite good. The wheel trims on my 1974 Carina were very good quality.
  10. Trade-in price and forecourt price are usually miles apart. The pricing usually reflects the condition and age. I considered the RX400h but to get one in similar condition to the RX300 I eventually bought, was going to be around £11,000 - admittedly a younger car but in no better condition. So for half that I got the RX300. It gives me a few pennies to spend on fuel!
  11. Took my fob to Lexus/Toyota and they said it could not be changed because the screw was worn. I just use the key in the lock, as the other remote has also gone. Not ideal but no biggy to me.
  12. Yes top dollar, but it sounds a good one with that sort of mileage. Surely they must know if it has reversing sensors or not? Salesman should know the car they are selling, sounds like they are trying to duck fixing them. Did the car have the sensors fitted on the back bumper?
  13. That has a good specification. Hope it comes up trumps for you.
  14. An interesting tale ............... let the buyer beware! Does not inspire confidence in Listers of Cheltenham. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  15. I was considering the 400h and ended up buying the RX300. Fuel consumption is obviously not as good. The purchase price is about half when you consider the mileage. The RX350 has the advantage of being a chain rather than a cam belt. The down side, and it is a down side, is the £535 road tax each year compared to £305 for the RX300. I bought mine on condition rather than specification - mine does not have the reversing camera or parking sensors (having those fitted). If you are happy to pay the extra then I am sure you will be more than pleased with the 400h. It is horses for courses. Let us all know how you get on and what you eventually purchase! Good luck with your search!
  16. I want to get a tow bar fitted to my 2004 RX300. I have read various posts on here which have made me a bit twitchy! 1) Fitting WITHOUT cutting the rear valance. 2) 12S plug wiring problems 3) Tow Bar that fouls the spare wheel. 4) Supplimentary cooling fan. I do not mind travelling for a good job - any recommendations/experience of certain makes of tow bar or fitters? Considering using Trident Tailers in Maidstone. Any advice and what to specifically ask for would be most appreciated - as I wish to tow my caravan
  17. Accessory belt tensioner

    That wil be a cry for help from the engine ........ might be your driving style? Just a thought.
  18. LC500 Demonstrator/Customer Deliveries

    That is very good really. I would be more than happy with that. Yes the straight V8 will be a bit thirsty, but still worth driving - just not too far!
  19. LC500 Demonstrator/Customer Deliveries

    What is your mpg out of interest for the hybrid? Not that it matters, as it is worth every penny of fuel to drive such a lovely car.
  20. LC500 Demonstrator/Customer Deliveries

    Very excited for you! What a lovely car. Could be the very last of the aspirated V8's ?
  21. New member with first Lexus

    Good choice of model. What colour? Mileage?
  22. Gov Uk Mot site

    That is a welcome addition.
  23. Steering column failure

    Hope it is simple to fix.
  24. Could it be time?!

    The thought sends shivers down my spine!
  25. Could it be time?!

    I must try and get to one of your meets! I would probably turn up in the RX - the LS will only make you lot envious! You will all realise you have bought the wrong car Gromit!