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  1. IS300h dashboard speaker upgrade

    I really notice the difference in downgrading from the 8 speaker Premium Nav in my old SE to the Standard 6 speakers in the new Sport. I'm far too much of a chicken to attempt that though, I just turn up the volume to hide the inadequacies
  2. How Tyres Affect Fuel Consumption?

    Thanks, yes I got it up to 48/49 on Eco this week without even trying hard so it will make the difference, but I put it back to normal it's just too lethargic, you might as well call is SLUG rather then ECO , will take the hit on normal.
  3. How Tyres Affect Fuel Consumption?

    Tell me about it It's like driving the wife's 1.1 Hyundai , just want to see what it does for consumption to satisfy my curiosity.
  4. How Tyres Affect Fuel Consumption?

    I'm going to try a week on ECO and see if its any better, but boy does it knock back the performance. It's going to have to be a massive improvement to make me stay on it.
  5. How Tyres Affect Fuel Consumption?

    Cheers, sums it up perfectly thanks. I was just curious, only done 2000 miles so it should improve after the first service. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  6. Calling all boffins! I'm probably after a bit of a physics lesson? Since moving from my SE to the new Sport and 16" to 18" wheels I've lost 7mpg. I got metronome 52mpg in the SE but now barely 45mpg in the Sport. Identical driving styles, nothing flash and steady 75 on the motorway, but a lot of motorway. I know this doesn't seem a lot, but its 100 miles less from a tank of petrol. Tight northerner and all that? This is summer too, will loose another couple of mpg in the winter. Anybody care to explain the physics?
  7. Rear Camera Quality

    Only having the camera now, I'm amazed how much I miss the beepers on my sport. Wasn't paying £600 just for rear ones, no idea why Lexus dropped front beepers altogether? Camera quality is ok though, always a pain in the rain, but just then have to old school reverse. I know 1st world problems.
  8. New Sport - Mirrorlink Works

    Alas I'm android so don't get the cable music experience, bluetooth only for us but that is good enough. I have a 64gb USB stick with a lot of music on, but when I just want a random shuffle I will use Spotify over bluetooth. I am really disappointed with the phone bluetooth in the new car though, that was one thing that worked perfectly in the old car. Now no matter where I am the first 10 seconds we have un-audible dalek speak which settles down and then happens again at various intervals if a long call.
  9. New Sport - Mirrorlink Works

    HTC phone arrived and while it works its not as good as the Samsung. The screen remains on and the usb ports don't give enough power to charge and run so it was discharging while using. Far too buggy and taking a call while the mirrorlink was running and you go off, so you have to navigate through all the mirrorlink settings again while driving. Will drive me mad and sygic is no tomtom. Given up already, will sell HTC on and its Bluetooth and tomtom on a vent mount for me Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  10. New Sport - Mirrorlink Works

    Manual says its mirrorlink 1.1 it was the first thing I checked. Tested on a Galaxy S6 and the mirrorlink was native, which I am led to believe the HTC is too. Mirrorlink 1.1 is certified apps only, hence only Sygic as the only premium Nav App, I think the 99p BringGo nav app also works but reviews are not the best. Spotify is via 3rd party rockscout and I think there is a HTC car app that gives an android auto look. Got the phone for £99 and sygic is free for 7 days and also currently 50% off until 10th August (still £42 though) so will give it a good test. If its too buggy will just sell the phone on and go back to my Moto via Bluetooth. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  11. New Sport - Mirrorlink Works

    OK, the inner child got the better of me, have bought a HTC One M9 just so I can use the mirrorlink facility in the car. Wasn't spending brewsters so looked for the cheapest highest spec phone to do Mirrorlink, was a toss up between this and a Sony Z3 and ended up with a silly price one on ebay. So it's a bit of a throw away purchase if the mirrorlink does seem as "buggy" as first play. Lets hope Sygic Car Navigation is on a par with TomTom Anyway it's a new gadget to play with for a bit.
  12. Real World Fuel Economy

    ECO mode just feels slow to respond to me. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  13. Real World Fuel Economy

    Got metronome 52mpg over 100K miles in my old SE, just swapped to a 2017 Sport and almost done 1000 miles and it's a shade under 48 mpg. Can live with that, obviously the change from 16" to 18" tyres but still amazing for a 2.5l petrol. I only drive on Normal though, too much turbo lag on ECO for me.
  14. IS Three likes/dislikes

    Love the Car as a car, best car I have ever driven period, so much so just swapped my SE for a new Sport, and although a little firmer and a few mpg less (minimal though) it's still the same car and a great drive. HATE, HATE, HATE the infotainment. I know it's been done to death, but it's just sh1te !! it just is. And I've downgraded from the premium nav in my SE to standard in the Sport so it seems even worse. How on earth have they made the Bluetooth phone worse than it was on my 14 plate? Well they have, and don't even mention the satnav. I've an old TomTom on a 2003 PDA which is better. It was almost the only reason I didn't swap to the sport, but as I just use my phone for TomTom, Spotify over bluetooth and the DAB I decided I could live with it. The mirrorlink facility I tested is almost a saving grace, but I may not even bother as I have to swap my phone and it did look very "buggy". My niece has just bought a brand new Peugeot 3008 mid range car with TomTom navigation and the choice of Mirrorlink, Apple Carplay or Android Auto. I just can't fathom out why Lexus are still the Betamax of infotainment systems.
  15. New Sport - Mirrorlink Works

    Cheers, I think I sussed it on the drive today, it was funny the first time I changed lanes with it on and have the car provide force against it. I guess I will get used to it. I like all the radar stuff, the adaptive cruise is brilliant, although it leaves too big a gap in my opinion and people move into it which causes a bit of an auto slam on. I guess you can't change that setting anywhere? I guess you will learn to anticipate the more you use it. Had the same black the last time and it's not as bad as a white car I also had? But we are spoilt for choice for cheap hand car washes up here, so never worth cleaning it yourself. Standard Nav was OK if I'm being honest, the traffic was about right which I guess is coming from the RDS radio now. The big test will be the M6 coming home.