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  1. That sounds more like laquer than paint that they gave you. I bought a touch up pack from an ebay Lexus retailer which contains both paint and laquer. Used it today actually, while touching up the alloys, and results are good. You just need to be really tight with the paint, and if you dont get the chip/scratch spot on, just wipe it off and try again.
  2. I asked what the difference was last time my is200d was serviced, and was told no stamp, no filter change and hinges not lubricated. I got a £75 discount on the normal service, so the price difference was only £41 (370 full service, 329 full essential), had it been the original the £445 I would have probably gone for the essential.
  3. You're right. My last Lexus service (60k mile type)report sheet shows an unticked box next to 'replace diesel fuel filter every 7 years or 50k miles' I guess the technician must have attempted it before and thought I'm not doing that again!
  4. What year is your car John, only I'm thinking I wont even ask a mechanic to do mine (and hoping mines not full of crap), after the reading all the nightmare storys on this thread!
  5. Welcome Vijay, good choice! Also, I think the tracker makes for other mods, I think Lexus got it spot on with the isf.
  6. slightly closer to reality now.....
  7. Great looking motor, that colour really suits it too.
  8. After finally discovering just how easy this job was I just had to post details for others, and save yourself £100 in Lexus labour fees! Thanks to is200 Newbie for his excellent tutorial and to normski2 for pointing out some time ago on a distant thread just how easy it was to do this! Right here goes, hope this helps somebody, and if my post needs improving please let me know...... 1. Pull off wing mirror glass panel - simply by pushing it back at the top and out at the bottom, spreading your fingers across to distribute the load. Its helps to open the door window and lay a cloth on it to rest the mirror on while you do the job 2. Remove 3 screws, which releases the back of the wing mirror. 3. Remove 2 screws securing the indicator lamp in place. 4. Remove the power lead to the lamp, by pressing on the side of the connector to release it, and pull it off. 5. Lift off the indicator lamp, then connect new lamp (remembering to fit the two screws, which I didn't!) 6. Clean everything, ensuring the back housing fits tightly, which I lined up at the tricky bit under the motor. 7. Put three screws back to secure back housing and reinstate mirror.
  9. Thanks for the heads up Steve, I never knew this existed and its very handy. Quite surprised at service detail held.
  10. Thats exactly what insurance companies (which is what warranty companies are really) prey upon, and we all fall for it one way or another. Its all about how you view risks. I like a holiday, so I'd prefer to take a risk and have a couple of days away!
  11. If you prefer your car serviced by spotty teenagers, who scratch your car, leave bits left out when they put it back together, wrongly diagnose faults, then charge the same (or more) as Lexus, then I'd say go for it. My comment is based upon personal experience, when the dealer I bought my car asked me to take it to them (when I spotted an issue), a mistake which I rectified rapidly by taking it to Lexus.
  12. Yeah Shaun, particularly with that low mileage factored in it does become more of a potential waste of money. Mind you, at around £225 per year when you deduct mots and breakdown cover (I only had a brief look over their warranty before the 'what we do and dont cover' bit started to give me a headache so dont quote me please) for a risk averse individual its not too bad actually.
  13. Rebecca...just google 'consumer rights act cars'. To me it represents 6 months worry free motoring.
  14. I've got one of these amazon link and no longer use my big old jump starter/compressor. The anker sits in its case in a bag in the boot of my car, taking up hardly any room at all.....unlike the old unit which created a bit of a issue with suitcases in my boot, which was a right pain! I can vouch for the ankers ability, as it's sorted out my 2.2 diesel car and van on a few occasions without needing recharging. By the way Anker offer incredible customer service, which I discovered when another battery pack from them (for my dash cam) seemed faulty, and anker sent out another without question.
  15. The service manager at my last service did a pre service walk round with me, negating the need for me to take precautinary measures myself. Admittedly, I wouldn't have bothered doing anything, but surely this makes sense every time we hand over our 'pride and joy'