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Is250 Vs. Gs300 Reliability And Maintenance Costs


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Hi all

Having driven my trusty old Toyota Avensis for more years than I care to remember I have decided that it is time for something new, and for something of an upgrade.

The two main contenders are the IS250 and GS300. My budget is 7-8K. A few searches on Autotrader, HJ, etc. suggest that this could get me into an 08 IS or an 07 GS, both with decent spec (the IS SR is definitely out, and I want full leather, which my Toyota has as well). I also want FSH, preferably Lexus I suppose, although I must confess I haven't worked out yet whether that (i.e. FLSH) is essential.

I am very familiar with many good stories about the reliability of these cars, both on here and again on HJ etc. Even the boys from (what used to be) Top Gear had to grudgingly admit this much :hehe:. My question is whether there is a difference in this respect between the IS250 and GS300. Relatedly, I'd fully expect the servicing costs of the GS to be a little higher, but is the difference likely to be very considerable?

In case you're wondering why I haven't decided between an IS and GS yet, I haven't test driven either of them... Doing so is of course important but not so easy, as there aren't that many for sale, certainly not up here in the cold north. I plan to make an effort over the next few weeks, if and when I can find some time off work. I know of course that the IS gives a firmer, sportier ride, with the GS more a 'wafting along' type of car. In principle I can see myself enjoying both, although I do want to avoid too much harshness.

As I said, I am strongly inclined toward Lexus, but the rivals from Audi and Mercedes aren't completely out yet. The trouble with Audi (A4 and A6) is that they seem to be the 'new BMWs' in terms of how their owners drive them (note that BMW is completely absent from my wishlist :glare:), and I'm not sure I would want to be associated with that. Also, their reliability doesn't seem to be more than mediocre, compared to Lexus. Mercedes (C and E class) I like more than Audi in terms of its image, but their questionable reliability and high repair costs put me off. Incidentally, although Audis and Mercs are far more common than Lexus, finding petrol ones actually seems pretty difficult too, and with my short commute it really is petrol I want.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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The GS servicing costs are almost identical to the IS. If you go to, go to page bottom and click on servicing. It gives costs for servicing and Essential care 5+ services and various fixed price jobs like brakes etc........which can still be negotiated down in a lot of dealers.

I prefer GS as the feeling of interior space suits me but both models have their merits. If you go down the IS route I would go for the auto box.

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Thanks both. The info on the Lexus page was especially helpful in giving me an idea. Some useful info on there as well about their Essential Care service plans, which look good.

I'm closely watching adverts of both models in my area; most still seem to come up for sale in the south. Certainly for the IS250 I am slightly surprised how few are advertised up here: I went to the Footman James Classic Car show in Manchester and spotted about 5 IS's on the road (not a single GS). Guess the owners simply don't want to part with them! Happy to play the waiting game, though, as I'm sure it will be worth it in the end :-)

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