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Attention All Lowered Is's


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Found a negative camber kit made by CUSCO sold by taikaria in Japan.

Going for $323 plus shipping.

It will allow for easier/more adjustment and prevent rapid tyre wear !!

I'm going to contact them about a discount :whistling: wondered how many ogf you would be interested.

expressions of interest only at this stage so dont be shy :winky:

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De ja vu

I was thinking the same thing Dave...........

Somewhere on your last thread. :unsure:

I think if these are absolutely necessary to avoid un-necessary inner tyre ware.. it's got to be good.

Considering the other option would be to long gate the holes where the camber bolts would go and go for another camber bolt set, allowing more adjustability. But by the time one has paid up for that... who know how much it'll all cost...

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From what I know the IS is at the limit pretty much (camber adj) when lowered by 30mm.

These will give a wide range of adjustment enabling you to either make sure tyre wear is correct or set up the handling away from the front wheel drive like set up the IS has...........

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Dont believe that for a minute Dave.

I'm no expert but from what I've read the IS doesnt have much camber adjustemt available to it. This kit gives you the extra to make sure its ticket boo.

It may be overkill though which is why I'm only going to make tentative enquiries....I'm 99% its what I want tho :winky:

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so is tyre wear inevitable dave unless you get one of these . ;) be gentle i`m thick you know :)

Mine was lowered 45mm Dave and Dave and 900 miles later...

Wham ! New Tyres required on the fronts .. Retracked now to max camber, and watching those tyres carefully, as the printout is still RED.

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I find this quite odd.

I got mine done when I had the coilovers fitted, which is quite a while now, and the print out from the laser alignement thingy was showing the camber and tracking to be spot on, apart from the rear camber which was 1 degree out (wheels pointing in at the top) but this wasn't due to to the fact that they couldn't be adjusted up correctly, but that the tyres would have touched the arches so I left them at that setting. Not long after that there was a thread about camber angles on the rear and Mat C. said that the car handled better that way anyway.

I should add, no tyre wear on mine and its been dropped 4.5 inches.

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Can't argue with you..........However I'm on canvas on my inner 20mm and its been aligned by Lexus twice (1st after it was lowered in feb 03) (2nd after ****** removed the front end Oct 03) so thats Ok..........

Done about 10k in total,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,other 75% of fronts are OK with another 10k in them................

How many miles have you done ?


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about 2500 miles Dave.

I know a mechanic who used to work for Lexus *******, he told me none of the mechanics could use there wheel alignment equipment properly and they didn't even have the four wheel laser alignment gear !!! :duh:

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2500 miles is not that many tho Stevie did 900 methinks......

Comments on Lexus mechanics noted............which is why I'm not gooing there ever agian ..................

Key thing for me is the adjustability.................go more neutral :winky:

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