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I've just bought a brand new Sat Nav unit with a two year warranty and fitted it myself for only 585.00.. It looks the business and works a treat.. Not sure if I can post what make it is and where I got it from on the forum so if anyone's interested and needs the details then I'll be happy to send them on to you..PS this is 100% legitimate from a well known wholesaler I'll take a piccy or two tomorrow and post them onto this post.. :hehe:

Just been out and took some now...


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The unit clicks on and off in seconds.. You have to butcher the car a little to fit it like I have but as you can see it's all behind and under the unit so that it looks neet and tidy when fitted.. I got this from Makro at Manchester.. I suppose all Makro stores have them in.. They retail for around 800.00.. :ohmy:

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these look good!!!

looking to get them for to our vans and other cars  ;)

Steve: lex nav worsk a treat in bham and london  :)

If you're thinking of getting these for business then I've found a gps tracker mode on the software for the maps, and when I clicked on it a message saying no hardware available came up.. I'm gonna enquire about this and then find out if I can track each individual unit.. I've got four now at work for some of the other drivers that wanted them and I've programmed all their maps and data cards on my laptop... Sneaky Sneaky can see just what they are upto :ph34r: But also if any "Go Missing" I'll be able to track them forever as soon as they are turned on.. :winky:

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do yuo find that you lose the GPS signal at all

been thiking about 1 for a while now for the truck

I've only lost the signal once and that was whilst sat under the M62 for ten mins waiting to get onto the M58.. as soon as I cleared the bridge it came straight back on and carried on doing what it does... :driving:

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