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New MOT test


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I took my wife's Toyota Aygo in for it's MOT a couple of days ago to find my local testing station had updated to the latest equipment. I do not know if this is compulsory for all testing stations, and who pays for the equipment. The cost of equipment must be substantial 

The test is now a one man test meaning a second person is not required to operate lights while the examiner checks them, rock the steering, or operate the brakes. Mirrors are fitted all round the ramp to check the lights, and a new ramp with what I can only call a wobble machine built in to each side to wobble the suspension, and steering without the examiner having to prize suspension parts with a bar.

Talking to the examiner I found that the majority of vehicles failing the test were diesels. Many for having particulate filters removed, EGR valves blocked off or removed, and catalytic converters having internals removed. The Cat's he informed me if the innards are removed have no back pressure "a normal feature". He also said that if there were any doubts about the validity or integrity of a system he had been told by the MOT to fail it. It seems the ministry are getting tough on diesels.  

I am glad to say the Aygo past it's test for the fourth year in succession without any advisories. 


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It was only a matter of time before the ministry caught up with the cheats and found ways of flushing them out.

One man testing rigs have been about for a while now, big money as you have said, that’s £100k plus they have spent on that, hope they have a steady stream of not business

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Those rigs are impressive things. There's a tyre and exhaust place near me that has one and when it wasn't being used for MOTs we used it to find one or two suspension issues with my old 9-5 that would have been difficult with the car on a regular ramp.

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