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Sva Price Hike?


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just wodering if anyone can confirm and/or give details about price increase (due to more stingent laws) to post '97 cars??

I heard it affects different models iand so any ideas how that affects the altezza?

any details AltezzaScott or Mat??



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Not too sure about prices for the test.

My friend Sp33dy just had his Altezza SVA recently might be an idea to PM him..

There is a loop hole in the system, which will be over ridden some time soon... :ph34r:

So the SVA thereon will cost more... As more paperwork will be required.

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Yep, i get my ESVA done in Cyprus aswell.adds to shipping time, but i get servicing and Cambelts changed at the same time because its far far cheaper there

as far as i am aware the Disabled loophole is now closed :yawn:

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