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Fuel filler cap sticking - emergency release

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Hi everyone,

I have read the issues people have been having with the fuel filler cap sticking on the LC500 and noticed in the manual it says you can release it from a switch hidden under a tab in the back seat.  The one I am due to pick up on Sat has had the fix done by the recall but wondered if anyone tried this?  Would be good to know should it happen.

Thanks Eddie



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Hi Eddie,

It is my understanding the emergency release facility in the manual applies when the fuel flap door remains stuck shut due to the electronic plunger not operating when you press the button.

The issues experienced by myself and others is that the plunger operates but there is insufficient force to flip open the flap.I lubricated my hinge and only in very cold circumstances has it stuck since but even then it can easily be prised fully open with my finger as the plunger has done its job.

There has been no recall to my knowledge but the dealers offer a replacement flap hinge.It appears this entails removing trim etc and I have already gone down that route with the fuel pump ,which was a recall.


A J.

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Had the same issue with my LC whilst trying to fill up at a service station, fortunately I had enough gas in it for a day or so. 
whilst at the service station rang local Lexus dealer and explained my predicament and was asked to bring the car in the next day to get it sorted, I said I could drop it off straight away but they said they needed to get a new part in for the fix, some sort of mod, anyway it was repaired next day and took about an hour and haven’t had any issues since.



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I've only had my LC for some 11 days and have already experienced this problem. Took at look at matters and solved the problem by filing a slight chamfer on the female part of the lock/unlock mechanism of the fuel cover. I used a fairly small flat Swiss file and hey presto problem solved.

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