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Front License Plate Holder

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Hi everyone, 

Recently had a hit and run, parked up on a residential road to go to the shops, came back 30 minutes later and someone has hit the front of my car probably whilst trying to park. Didn't have the courtesy to leave any details, I asked around if anyone saw anything, even knocked on a few houses to see if they saw anything or have any cameras but no one saw anything.

Fortunately it's only the license plate and holder which took the hit, so now I need to replace my front license plate and holder.

Anyone know where I can get the holder from? 

Also is it just simply a matter of unscrewing the existing plate and holder and replacing them? 


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I recently had someone hit the front of mine too and had to replace the number plate holder, it's very easy, just two screws hold it in place if I remember correctly. The only thing you have to make sure is that you position the actual number plate nicely in the middle on your new holder as mine had to be screwed into the plastic and there was no marking for where it should go to make sure it's in the centre. 

I bought it from here, excellent customer service and dispatch times:

Make sure to check you have the correct part number, you can also message them with your vehicle registration and they can advise you as to the correct one.

Good luck!

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As it hasn’t been mentioned, I take it that no-one was fortunate enough to have these incidents captured on a dashcam.

Having had them, front and rear, on my last two cars, I have found that they have more than paid for themselves.  These kinds of unattended and damaging  parking hits, where the culprit believes they’ve got away with it, I think are particularly satisfying when they discover they were caught in the act!

I would urge every motorist to protect themselves with these devices.  After all, they don’t only identify the guilty, they can also establish your innocence.  The so-called ‘Cash for Crash’ scams are just one example.

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