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New Member Adam

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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick Hello from a new member from Cornwall.

After years of searching and never buying I've finally decided to buy the car I've always wanted an LS430, I'm going to collect it next thursday 🙂

I'll leave the link here so you guys can have a look at it and let me know what you think and if there's anything I should check for when I go look at it before buying it.



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Welcome Adam.

She looks a peach and her MOT record looks good.

Check that the Dealer provides you with at least 2 keys at his expense.

The fact that in 100 photos there was no sign of at least 2 keys, would make me ask the question.

Let us know all about it when it is yours and do enjoy the Forum.

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33 minutes ago, David W Jones said:

Hi Adam

Welcome to LOC.

The LS430 is class and looks like you have found a gem.

Have you looked at service history?

Hi David,

Fulll Lexus main dealer service history, MOT's and health checks every year from new, I even phoned up Lexus to check because I was quite surprised with such faultless history 🙂

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Hi Adam and welcome to the LOC.

That car amongst others is being discussed on another post presently, it looks like you have done pretty well finding that example.

I’ve recently acquired an immaculate 2004 model year Toyota Celsior (the Japanese badged version of the LS430) from another member.

Good luck with your purchase.

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Adam, she looks a peach and you will enjoy great driving with her 

However, be prudent and get someone to change the radiator before too long please if it's not been done, and it probably hasn't  .......... are you proposing to continue with Lexus for servicing etc or are you going to use your usual trusted mechanic ?  He will change the rad at a better cost than Lexus might and won't query the need, whereas Lexus will probably tell you not to bother .......  many many posts on here will advise you of the prudence to do so ...........  not a huge expense tho'

Apart from this, wow, she looks a very good car and should give you years of excellent motoring

Well done



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