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Name And Shame "lexusman" Uk


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here is a link to the long long story about Richard Walker aka Lexusman, and how he sold me a car over the phone and completely lied about the condition and will not refund or rectify the situation.

dont buy a car from this man.

His advert read, " complete uzz32 for sale, be quick"

below is a picture of this complete car, 17 other pictures available.

ha ha ha, I cant work this picture thing on here :duh:

please post this link to any other car forums you might visit.

many thanks


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I can understand your frustration and if all you say is true then I sympathise.

What you really need to do is inform Trading Standards. You can get him under the Sale of Goods Act and probably a multitude of other things (running a business from home without informing the relevant people etc).

Sure you can chase his a$$ all over the net but some direct action with the authorities will do him more permanent damage.

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sorry but you have to expect things like this

Thats where I was going, if the car was up for breaking, I'd keep away from it... Whats a complete car? One that will run and keep running? or just one that will just about start and over heat. Its a bit vague

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here is his 'advert'

I did buy it to break, but thats not the point is it ?

he offered a 'complete car' and that is what I got.

I dont care that it was in-complete, I do care that he lied and even after he offered to pay me £200 back he did not pay it.

This isnt for my benifit, this is to stop other people buying from him, or at least letting them know what he can be like.

All this could have been avoided if he had paid the £200, I sent him a e/m on monday telling him to send the check or I would post. He didnt post the check, or E/m me.

what should I have done ?

The whole thing about buying on e/bay and other on line sales is that you take it for granted that the seller is above board, this guy IS NOT.

I recently bought a 94 UZZ32 and a Blown ( supercharged) LS400 from Japan, again I have to hope the condition is as it was explained to me, you either have to trust or not buy, I think he works that pricible to his advantage.

I have stopped limping about it now, this is only to advise other buyers not to deal with him

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Used to deal in salvage one of the reasons i got out was this ,You should be able to trust the description ,whats the point in lieing the bloke has to see the car in the end,good for you for showing this bloke for what he is ,makes me glad i have no more to do with the trade

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buying a car without seeing it, know it is in a bad condition/parts missing has come at some stage from a breakers yard......

sorry but you have to expect things like this.

Motor traders often buy a vehicle without seeing it first, which is why an honest and accurate description is all the more important.

Fact is, this guy is a trader and he lied to a fellow trader about the condition of the car, and then failed to rectify the deception when given the opportunity. So if he thinks he can get away with lying to a fellow trader, think what he'll do to us members of the public?

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UK pulse is right.

I buy about 70/80% of my vans "over the phone" and I did ask speciffically "is everything esle there ? ( EVERYTHING).

I know dont think that whatever I said he was going to tell the truth,

I have had e/mails from people who has had dealing with him in the past, explianing how he either shafted them, or tried to shaft them.

lets hope that this will prevent hm form doing it AS easily as he has done in the past.

Fortunatly this has not interfered with my life, it is only a very small hiccup in a world of tourettes.

What we have to do is make sure he dont do it to a private person who is looking at putting his lifes savings into a car from this p p p person.

and this is why it is important that we should all post the link to the thread on either TIF or here for the rest of the world to see, on other forums.

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