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Xerd Header And Racepipe

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Well just orderd up with a group buy in a US IS300 site ( a nice stainless steel polished header and race pipe (pre cat removed)



should be with me in a week or so,,

means plenty of time to prep for santa steve..

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should do ,, the manifold is on the same side n'all that.. same engine block...if not i'll sell it..

more info for y'all ... from

Stainless Steel Headers

Expect gains of 13 to 15 horse power to the wheels.

XERD Stainless Steel headers are designed to achieve maximum horsepower and torque gains by providing the correct sized primary runners and placement of the collectors to even out the exhaust pulses. For best results we always recommend adding our exhaust systems to complete the headers and use an air/fuel controller for further tuning. All XERD headers are for off road use only and not to be used on public roads and highways. As of 10/01/03 all headers come with a lifetime limited warranty. (and comes with o2 simulter


Dynoed at 12.2hp and 7.6 torque gain at the wheels. No check engine light!

XERD Race-pipes are specifically designed for naturally aspirated engines. By removing the catalytic convertors and reengineering the piping for better air flow, we can achieve horsepower and torque gains through out the entire RPM range without sacrificing any low end power. All of our Race-pipes are made out of stainless steel for better performance, longer lasting and come with a lifetime limited warranty. XERD Race-pipes are legal for off road use only and should not be used on public highways.

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thats still all good me ellen.. gives something to compare against,,, dont forget xerd seems to be in a lot of is300's over in the US... ;)

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Oh man Fargo, you're making me wish I'd bought an IS300 with allthese mods you're getting from the USA, I've heard a sound file of a 300 with the Xerd headers and it's seriously cool B)

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