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Aftermarket Armrest

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Saw it yesterday on TV. Aftermarket Armrest which can be moved in different positions.


I mailed them LINK

Here is the answer

Dear Mr. ,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding armrest for the Lexus IS model.

Unfortunately we don?t have an adaption for this car at the moment

but we will look into it and see if we can make an adaption for

this car.

If there isn?t anything in the way, such as a high centre console or

any adjustment wheels where we mount the adapter -it shouldn?t be any

problems for us to make an adaption.

I will put a note on this and investigate a Lexus model to see if it?s

possible to make an adaption. Then we will contact you again.

Best regards,

/Mats Harde

Mats Harde


Santessonsväg 3

232 91 Arlöv, Sweden

Phone: +46 (0)40 83640

Fax:   +46 (0)40 89090



Please feel free to post more information about seats or armrests. Pictures of stripped Lexus seats, whatever you know.

I will send them the link to this thread if it contains any usefull informations.

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Going to order the original one tomorrow... You just can't beat it for quality and fitment.

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