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My Views On The New Atsra Hatchback

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I had to do a round trip of nearly 400miles today so the company got me a hire car rather than take mine

so i got a brand spanking new astra 1.6 verdict

Looks o.k from outside

very plastic and not well put together inside.

knobs and dial are o.k and easy enough to use.. poor stereo and only single slot cd

but did have aircon

goes well enough quite smooth

plenty of seat posistions but still very uncomftable for long runs.. (back ache to prove that)

I would not buy one..


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They had one in the middle of a shopping centre recently, so I parked my **** in it for minute and had a fiddle with all the buttons, I agree Craig very plastic fantastic :D

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must admit i found my old vauxhalls comfortable

did a few trips to south france in them as well

the most uncomfortable has got to be audi

would be better to rip the seats out and put a deck chair in there

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handling was pretty good actually forgot to mention it.. getting lost around some very bendy country lanes it was behaving o.k .. and for a little 1.6l the top speed was pretty healthy..but i could not possibly say what it went to on the main

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I've owned 3 vauxhalls over a period of 11 years. Loved the last one a 2.0 16v CDX saloon in black for speed, trim level and looks. But it's nothing compared to a lexus. Got completely fed up with continual tuning problems and just about every sensor on the engine failing at some point, in fact just about everything failing at some point - rusty fuel tank replaced at 4 years, wiring loom needed replacing etc

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