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Further to my earlier post about obtaining a cabin filter for my Mk.1 GS300. Collected a Mk.2 one at last from Lexus Norwich the other day only to find that it wouldn't fit! They kindly took it back!! As they had no part number for such an item for the early model - and the part number from the US site wasn't valid - it seems that, although there is a nice little space for a filter, Lexus never produced one to fill it (I understand some Volvos have to same problem)!!

As I have the bit between my teeth now :angry: and don't want to give up having come this far, I'm wondering if anyone knows if any filter for a Toyota would fit??


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:question: What reg is you GS300 Derek ?

There is a company within the gold members section which does filters for GS300 1998 onwards which may be of use.

Not sure what the rules are on giving out the suppliers name though ??

Maybe someone else can enlighten us on that one??

Details of the filter:

Dimensions:- mm

214 x 227 x 18

(outside frame excluding seals and lugs)

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It's not just the filter that is needed it's also the plastic carrier.

the Mk.II filter, which was in two parts, each part consisting of two hinged filters was just too big for the small 7x1 inch slot

That doesn't sound anything like the MKII filter!

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Thanks guys!! My oldie is a 1996 and have looked on the Puravent site but they only do 1998 onwards.

Colin, do you think Lexus Norwich supplied me with the wrong type of filter?? What does the Mk.2 look like, (does anyone have a part number??) it's all new stuff to me - as you can tell!!!


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