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Reversing Beep


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C`mon people i know your gonna tell me its a safety issue and all that but come on no other car has this feature and it starts beeping the same time my reversing sensors come on so it gets kinda annoying listening to both systems at work,

by the way i have a is200 manual gearbox.

surely some of you technical gurus and modders have messed around with this beep and removed it in the past.

If so help me out by giving me some step by step instructions on how to silence the beep so i can only hear my reversing sensors.

my next port of call is going to be my lexus dealer but im sure they will just say you cant turn it off for safety reasons, but that argument is rubbish coz i know when im in reverse as my parking sensors spark up and therin lies the whole problem !


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Reminds me more of a bin wagon reversing :D

I was gonna listen and look for the llittle mic or buzzer that makes the beeping noise rodders but im pretty crap with electrics and didnt want to go cutting wires without some help.

having read through most of the topics and seen some of the amazing mods that have been made to the cars im sure someone has already been there done it and got the t shirt

if i do eventually manage it i will pass the knowledge on honest

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supercharged is correct, ive been in my car and figured out that the noise definatley comes from behind the speedo cluster and thats about as far as i have got so far sorry :blush:

i have no idea how to remove the cluster so im not gonna bother until i get some more advice.

I agree that if i didnt have the reversing sensors the noise wouldnt be a big deal but now ive fitted them i know when im in reverse coz the sensors let me know with their own little beeps,

its like having R2 bloody D2 sat in the front passenger seat :shutit:

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Its because you've got 6 gears, how do you know you're in reverse ;)

Goodluck it getting rid of it

when the car starts to move backwards when you engage the clutch. :winky:

They use a common 'GEMS' module that's used on other Toyota Japan models were it's a legal requirement to have an continious bleep when reverse is selected.

Nothing to do with a six speed gear box.

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If an electrical type person knew what wire it was you could cut the wire, and put another longer length in with a switch.

You could then fix the switch somewhere out of site and turn it on and off to your own will

Now your talking Whitie !!

unfortunatley im not an electrical type person, but i like the idea

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I've taken the speedo out before (theres a how to in the workshop section I think) and its quite easy if you take your time.

It you knew what the cable was, anyone could get a bit if wire and a switch from their local maplins/electrical shop. You could then fix it in all pretty or just cable tie it under the steering-column area.

Will somone take the challenge! :lol:

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