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If You Like Drifting


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Ok that was slightly crazy and I do not agree with that on a road with oncoming traffic, but however when I had my Cossie I must admit I used to do a little bit of drifting, usually at the start of a "one way carriage" of a local bypass, with no oncoming traffic, i was very aware of others, which obviously this guy wasn't.

I don't see any problem on deserted public roads as long as you are very aware of others and extremely cautious, at the end of the day you'll never stop it so instead teach people to be cautious instead of slag the off all the time (mudz you do this often don't ya?)

public road what a w  r .

Are you like a boring old git or something? No offence just wondered?

Bison :zee:

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old and wiser would be a fairer statement (but not that old ).sorry if you dont like my comments bison but hey thats life ,i,ll live unless some doughnut comes the other way drifting and wipes me out of cause. :zee:

pete ,yes agree very skillfull bit of driving ,was,ent a dig at you mate.just thought it was a bit extreme for a public road.

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Maybe they thought the road was clear enough when this was attempted, there were no other motors until the near the end. Stranger things have happened but the second part look like they were showing off, thats when accidents happen.

Not sure I'd attempt this though, would most likely end up off the road or something worse.

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