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Xenon Headlamps Bulbs


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Yeah, its some company on E-Bay, my mums got them in her Omega CDX. Thye look well impressive!! How hard are they to fit? Or is it kidds play...? Its just, im a salesman, I sell things, not mend them!! :P

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I got some of these from eBay. They came from Canada and work extremely well. I believe they costed around 6 quid, maybe a tad more with postage.

Balance that up with the 10 quid I paid for just ONE Vauxhall Corsa headlight bulb from Halfords the other day...

If these Xenon bulbs you guys are talking about are the ones that look blue, but give off a white glow at night that just replaces your OEM bulb, they are cool. However, prepare to change bulbs every 8 months. They tend to last 6-8 months then blow. And then you'll have to replace them with a new set.

I was doing this before I realised that I spend over 100usd on bulbs within two years, then i put back in my OEM bulbs and haven't complained since.

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