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GS300 SE Navi' 38, 4yrs ncb, 1 bad smash, 3pts for speeding - Churchils £450ish  :D

you get this through

if so - what are your excesses?

been running a few quotes through confused lately (I bought a GS430 a few months back, and my father was looking for a Gs or LS), and Churchills was regularly the cheapest.

closer investigation revealed about £750 worth of excesses - a lot more than other providers.

when you amended the quote to use excesses similar to the other companies, they stopped being so cheap

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Got it through my bank (Lloyds TSB) and, from memory, the excess was £300 but lets face it, unless its gonna be a big claim we dont use the insurance anyway so the excess is irrelevent really (unless it huge). Incidently, I have a Suzuki GSX1300 Hayabusa and, after being knocked off the previous bike, the insurance was £1600 with an £1100 excess for the interim year where I was waiting to reclaim my ncb as it was a no fault accident. It costs around £200 for a service - every 4000miles, needs a new rear tyre every 4K (£120) and a new front tyre every 8K (£80), - so the Lexus is as 'cheap as chips' to run as far as I'm concerned.

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